Rondo Neighborhood Time Line.

By squeak
  • Highway approved

    Highway approved
    City of ST.PAUL approved the national highway's , departments proposed routes along ST.ANTHONY.
  • Bus line

    Bus line
    The street cars were replaced by bus lines on RONDO AVE.
  • Road Construction

    Road Construction
    congress authorized federal financing of urban redevelopment project. ST.PAUL was the first city to win a project opproval.
  • The Neighborhood

    The Neighborhood
    African American leaders found out the city and state had approved the st.anthony route
  • I-94

    Acquisition of land for I-94, which replaced the north side of RONDO and the south side of ST.ANTHONY with strips of dirt.
  • Say goodbye to rondo neighborhood.

    Say goodbye to rondo neighborhood.
    RONDO neighborhood was removed so that the highway construction can began.
  • train going thru st.paul

    train going thru st.paul
    FTA gives its opproval to begin preliminary engineering on central corridor.(the train thats gonna go down university in ST.PAUL)
  • ......

    Central corridor projects office opens in the Griggs-midway building on university avenue.
  • Fourth street

    Fourth street
    public utility relocation began on fourth street in downtown ST.PAUL in advance of LRT construction that started in late summer 2010.
  • ......

    federal transit administration approves entry into final design.
  • Fundings

    the project recieves its full funding grant agreement , the goverments contractual commitment to pay half the cost of building the line.