Ronda Rousey

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  • Speaking Disorder

    Speaking Disorder
    Ronda didn't speak properly until eight years old. She knew what she wanted to say but the words wouldn't come out. Ronda felt "stupid" and frustrated because of her speech, however she was very grateful that her family helped her and was there for her.
  • Her Fathers Death

    Her Fathers Death
    Ronda was devastated when she found out her dad died. Her dad was her best friend, number one supporter. She was confused and frustrated as to why he dad would commit suicide and leave her family. She still remembers the day he hug her last and said the words "I love you", but nothing else and she hated herself for that.
  • Lost Her First Tournament

    Lost Her First Tournament
    After her father's death she started doing Judo and really enjoyed it. Her mom trained her well and she was ready to compete. However she lost her first tournament and felt upset, useless and wasn't ready to accept losing. She hated that someone else was better than her and she promised herself she would win every single tournament form that day on.
  • Bullied at School

    Bullied at School
    Ronda was constantly bullied at school because for her communication and her "fat arms". It wasn't until she was physically pushed into a locker that she fought. She never would hit anyone until she was hit first. Her fights happened twice more and was put to a stop after injuring her last bullied really bad.
  • Badly Injured

    Badly Injured
    Ronda knee was seriously injured when her knee popped out of place. However she was able to pop it back into place. It wasn't until the next day when she skipped school for the first she actually broke it jumping over a fence and landing painfully wrong. Her life change democratically after that, and she wan't able to compete for six months, leaving her frustrated and upset.
  • Painfully Bored

    Painfully Bored
    After her knee recovered she moved to Massachusetts with her trainer Big Jimmy. She hated every moment of living there, she was very lonely and got into a bad habit of eating too much food. Because of the boredom she started gaining weight when she needed to lose weight for competition. She started to become bulimic and ate about once week.
  • Losing The Olympic's

    Losing The Olympic's
    Ronda competed in the 2004 Judo Olympic's placing ninth. When she lost in the final tournament she was so upset she and hurt because she put everything she had into Judo.
  • Ronda's First Boyfriend

    Ronda's First Boyfriend
    Ronda met her boyfriend Dick at Judo. He started flirting with her and she began to like him. However Ronda's mother did not approve of them dating and hated the fact they went to Judo together. After her coach Big Jimmy cough Dick in Ronda''s bedroom he decided to stop training her because she not responsible.
  • Ronda Runs Away

    Ronda Runs Away
    Ronda runs away to live with a friend in New York because she wanted to prove to her mom that she can mange being 18. When her friend kick her out, she was forced to move in with her new Judo coach Jason. After eight long mouths she moves back home with her mom.
  • Ronda Struggles

    Ronda Struggles
    After moving out again and breaking up with her boyfriend, Ronda decided to move out on her own and get a dog named Mochi. Ronda struggled paying bills and was extenuated, and hungry by the end of the day, because of her three jobs. Ronda promised herself that she will never be this low again.
  • Ronda has Big Dream

    Ronda has Big Dream
    Ronda dream about joining the women's MMA since she was 18 years old. She wanted to become something big that she enjoyed. She joins a MMA gym and with two of her guy friends that also do MMA. However there boxer trainer,Edmond refuses to train her because she has no experience and because women's MMA doesn't really go far. Ronda would go everyday to the gym and learn techniques and small skills from other boxers. After 3 months of Ronda going to the gym Edmond finally decide to train her.
  • What Comes After

    What Comes After
    After training for months she learned good skills, techniques and how to become stronger. However Ronda struggled with her boyfriend DPGC because he was so over protective. After Ronda finished her MMA practice DPGC decide to get drank and stole her car to get heroin. After showing up the next day she deiced to take him to rehab and she eventually breaks up with him.
  • She Slowly Starts Her Career

    She Slowly Starts Her Career
    After months of training she struggled to find other MMA fighters to fight her because she was new. After months of waiting for a fighter she finally won two matches and was called to fight for women's MMA Strikeforce. After winning her match she started to become very known.And was offered photo shoots on magazines and news papers, lots of interviews, and even walked on the red carpet for the first time.
  • Starting UFC

    Starting UFC
    After winning women's Strikeforce she was offered to do UFC and began training. Ronda almost lost her first UFC fight against Liz Carmouche and had to fight very hard to win. After winning she was put on a show with Miesha Tate, which Ronda fought several months later an won.
  • Ronda's Undefeatable

    Ronda's Undefeatable
    Ronda begins auditioning for movie roles. She finally played a role in Fast and Furious which she really enjoyed. After winning the title for fastest UFC win in just 16 seconds she felted undefeatable and didn't know what to do next with her life. She knows she wants to retire one day from fighting but doesn't want give up her fighting career just yet.