Romeo and Juliet

By Jdenes
  • Sunday Morning

    The Montagues and Capulets fight in the streets and are broken up by Prince Escalus.
    Romeo is pining for Rosaline who has rejected him.
  • Sunday Afternoon

    Lord Capulet and Paris talk about arranging a marriage to Juliet.
    Romeo and Benvolio learn that Rosaline has been invited to a party at the Capulet house. Benvolio suggests crashing the party so that Romeo can see that the other women are more beautiful than Rosaline is.
  • Sunday Evening

    Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris wants to marry her. Romeo and friends arrive outside the Capulet house.
  • Sunday Evening & Late Evening

    Romeo and Juliet meet at the party and fall in love.
    Tybalt is angry that Romeo came
  • Sunday Late Evening

    Romeo looks for Juliet.
    Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo.
  • Period: to

    Play of Romeo and Juliet

  • Monday Early Morning

    Romeo goes to Friar Laurence to arrange the wedding.
  • Monday Noon

    Benvolio and Mercutio are still looking for Romeo because Tybalt is planning to challenge Romeo to a duel. Romeo finds them. The Nurse arrives. Benvolio and Mercutio leave.
    The Nurse warns Romeo that he better not be toying with Juliet because Paris genuinely wants to marry her.
  • Monday Afternoon

    Juliet is upset that the Nurse is taking so long.
    The Nurse delivers Romeo's message. Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Laurence's cell and get married. Benvolio and Mercutio encounter Tybalt. Romeo arrives, and Tybalt challenges him. Romeo refuses, so Mercutio fights Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio, so Romeo kills Tybalt. The Prince orders that Romeo be banished.
  • Monday Late Afternoon

    Juliet yearns for night to fall so that Romeo will be able to come.
    The Nurse tells her about Tybalt's death and Romeo's banishment
  • Monday Early Evening

    Friar Laurence tells Romeo that he has been banished. The Nurse comes to bring Romeo to Juliet.
  • Monday Late Evening

    Lord Capulet decides that Juliet shall marry Paris on Thursday.
  • Tuesday Early Evening

    Lord Capulet is arranging a big wedding celebration.
    Juliet returns from seeing Friar Laurence and pretends to be cooperating.
  • Tuesday Early Morning

    Romeo leaves for Mantua after spending the night with Juliet.
    Juliet is told that she must marry Paris on Thursday morning - or else.
  • Tuesday Late Morning

    Paris talks to Friar Laurence about the upcoming wedding.
    Juliet goes to Friar Laurence, and he suggests a plan that she take a drug that will make her look dead so that she can sneak away with Romeo. Friar Laurence sends Friar John to Mantua with a message for Romeo.
  • Tuesday Evening

    Juliet drinks the drug.
  • Wednesday Morning

    The Capulets and the others discover Juliet's "dead" body.
  • Thursday Morning

    In Mantua, Romeo learns from Balthasar that Juliet is dead.
    Romeo buys poison from the Apothecary.
  • Thursday Evening

    Friar Laurence learns that Friar John was unable to deliver the message to Romeo.
    Friar Laurence writes another letter to Romeo and leaves for the crypt to meet Juliet when she wakes.
  • Thursday IOvernight to Friday Morning

    Paris and a servant arrive at Juliet's tomb.
    Romeo and Balthasar arrive. Romeo gives Balthasar a letter (his suicide note) and sends him away. Paris confronts Romeo, and Romeo kills him. The servant goes to summon the watchmen. Romeo kills himself. Friar Laurence arrives and meets Balthasar. Friar Laurence finds the bodies. Juliet wakes up, and Friar Laurence tries to get her to leave. She refuses, and he flees when he hears the watchmen coming. Juliet kills herself. The watchmen arrive