Romantic music and American history timeline

  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri compromise is an effort to maintain balance between free and slaves states. Marie is admitted as a free state so that Missouri can be admitted as a slave state. Expect for in Missouri slavery is prohibited in the Louisiana purchase.
  • Invented

    The harmonica was invented by a man named Friedrich Buschmann. The harmonica consists of free metalreeds set in slots in a small metal-enclosed wooden frame. A note can be played either by puckering the lips or by covering unwanted holes with the tongue.
  • Sixth president

    John Quincy Adams is elected to be the president of the United States. He was elected to be the 6th president after James Monroe. He severed as the president of untied states from 1825-1829.
  • Classical composers death

    The well know classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven died. He was the eldest surviving siblings of Johann and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven. His grandmother and father both sang in the choir so he comes from a musical family.
  • Elected as president

    Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States. He was chosen as the seventh president after John Quincy Adams. He also served as the eighth United States Secretary of State.
  • Composer born

    A known composer that goes by the name Johannes Brahms was born. He was German composer and pianist of the Romantic era. He wrote over 200 works and was a great master of symphonic and sonata style.
  • Death of president

    William Henry Harrison was elected to be the ninth president of thwe United States. After a month of being elected as president he dies. His place as president of untied states was took over by John Tyler.
  • Piano built

    Henry engelhard steinway made his first grand piano. He was a German-born American piano builder and founder of a leading piano manufacturing firm.
  • Civil war

    Conflict between the north and south over slavery. The conflict was because they were trying to expand slavery into western states.
  • Birth

    The first major female composer was born. Amy Beach was considered to be the first major females composer.
  • Fifteenth amendment

    The fifteenth amendment to the constitution was accepted and put into motion. The fifteenth amendment was the right to give blacks the right to be able to vote.
  • Preformed opera

    Georges Bizet preformed the opera “Carmen” for the first time in Paris. He then later on passed away during the same year.