By LB3
  • Nov 25, 1232

    the first real rocket

    The first true rocket is invented by the Chinese. Fire arrows are used against the Mongol invaders.
  • making a multi stage rocket

    German fireworks maker Johann Schmidlap invents the two-stage rocket to reach higher altitudes. A large skyrocket (first stage) carries a smaller rocket (second stage).
  • Newtons Laws of motion

    Sir Isaac Newton publishes his book Principia, which contains his three laws of motion and lays the scientific foundations for modern rocketry.
  • Indian Rockets

    Indian rockets used against the British catch the attention of Colonel William Congreve. Rockets are subsequently designed for military use by the British military.
  • Making rockets more accurate

    Jet vents are designed on an angle, making the rocket spin, much like a bullet, making them more stable and accurate.
  • Rocket used to carrying line

    By 1870, American and British inventors had found other ways to use rockets. For example, the Congreve rocket was capable of carrying a line over 1000 feet to a stranded ship. In 1914, an estimated 1,000 lives were saved by this technique.
  • First idea for space exploration

    Russian schoolteacher Konstantin Tsiokovsky puts forward the idea of using rockets for space exploration. He suggests liquid propellants would gain greater range.
  • First liqued fuel rocket launch

    American Robert H Goddard flies a rocket powered by liquid oxygen and gasoline. Goddard goes on to build bigger rockets and higher rockets.
  • Firist Satelitie- Sputnik 1

    The Soviet Union launches the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite. This marks the first significant success of the space race between the world’s two superpowers.
  • Russia Luna 1 Probe to moon

    Successful launch of Luna 1 by the Russians, which sees the rocket fly past the moon.
  • First man to orbit earth

    Russian Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man to orbit Earth.
  • First moon landing

    Apollo 11 is the first space flight to land people on the Moon. Neil Armstrong is the first astronaut to set foot on the Moon. 12 astronauts walk on the Moon during 6 missions. Ed Cernan is the last man to step foot on the Moon in 1972.
  • First Space Shuttle Launch

    NASA launches its first Space Shuttle. These are designed as reusable vehicles that would increase accessibility to orbit. Space Shuttles have been used to place many satellites into orbit and to construct the International Space Station.
  • first private launch into earth orbit'

    SpaceX, a private company working towards commercial space travel, launches Falcon 9. This unmanned capsule orbits the Earth twice before landing in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Juno launches to jupiter

    Junois launched to begin its 5-year journey to Jupiter.
  • Spacecraft flies by Pluto

    The New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto and its moons.