Rock n’ Roll Through the Decades

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    50 years of Rock n’ Roll

  • Rock Around The Clock

    Rock Around The Clock
    Billy Haley
  • Everybody's Somebody's Fool

    Everybody's Somebody's Fool
    Connie Francis
    has her first #1 Hit
  • Walk On By

    Walk On By
    Dionne Warwick
  • I'll Be There

    I'll Be There
    The Jackson Five
  • Another Day

    Another Day
    Paul McCartney
  • The Rose

    The Rose
    Bette Midler
  • Jump

    Van Halen
  • Vogue

  • This Is How We Do It

    This Is How We Do It
    Montell Jordan
  • It's My Life

    It's My Life
    Bon Jovi