World war 2 wwii

Road to WWII Timeline

  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    The League of Nations is founded
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles is signed. Germany is made to decrease army sizes, as well as repay the countries for damage.
  • Adolf Hitler = Leader

    Adolf Hitler = Leader
    Adolf HItler becomes leader of the NAZI party, supports theory that all other than Germans (Jews, gypsies) were lesser, and to be eliminated.
  • Stock Market crashes

    Stock Market crashes
    The Stock Market on Wall Street crashes, and the economy plunges into depression, leading many into a frenzy.
  • Hitler becomes dictator

    Hitler becomes dictator
    Hitler names himself Furher (dictator) of Germany
  • Treaty of Versailles is violated

    Treaty of Versailles is violated
    Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles, by introducing military conscription.
  • Invasion of Rhineland

    Invasion of Rhineland
    Germany marches into Rhineland, which is a violation of the Treaty of Versailles, yet League of Nations takes no action
  • Ethiopia is invaded

    Ethiopia is invaded
    Italy invades Ethiopia and the League of Nations takes no action. In this year, a non-aggression treaty is signed between Italy, Germany and Japan. They are known as the AXIS powers
  • Austria is invaded

    Austria is invaded
    Germany invades Austria
  • Czechoslovakia is taken

    Czechoslovakia is taken
    Germany takes rest of Czechoslovakia, which is a violation of the Munich Agreement
  • Poland is invaded

    Poland is invaded
    Nazi Germany invades Poland
  • War is declared

    War is declared
    Britain, France, Austria, New Zealand declare war on Germany
  • More countries declare war

    More countries declare war
    Canada declares war on Germany; and the Battle on Atlantic begins
  • Soviets lead invasion

    Soviets lead invasion
    Soviets invades Poland