Road to World War II

  • Treaty of Versailles Signed

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    Repreations, demilitirization...
  • Period: to

    From TofV to Pearl Harbor

  • Hitler Blames the Treaty

    Hitler blames the Treaty of Versailles
    for all of Germany's problems.
  • Japan Attacks Manchuria

    Japan launched an attack on Manchuria. Within a few days Japanese armed forces had occupied several strategic points in South Manchuria.

    Hitler began to build up his armed forces. In 1935 he introduced conscription this broke the Treaty of Versailles, but Britain and France let him get away with it.
  • Mussolini Attacks

    Mussolini ordered the bombing of Adowa by planes and the beginning of the invasion of Ethiopia by Marshal Badoglio Oct. 3 who was authorized to use poison mustard gas and destroy civilian villages.
  • Hitler violates the Treaty

    The German generals were very much against the plan, claiming that the French Army would win a victory in the military conflict that was bound to follow this action. Hitler ignored their advice and ordered three German battalions to march into the Rhineland.

    Hitler invaded the Rhineland. This broke the Treaty of Versailles. It was a bluff – the German army had only 22,000 soldiers and had orders to retreat if they met any resistance. But once again, Britain and France did nothing
  • Hitler And Stalin sign the Pact

    Four days after the economic agreement was signed and a little over a week before the beginning of World War II, Ribbentrop and Molotov signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.
  • Hitler invades Poland

    German forces invaded Poland from the north, south, and west.
  • France and Britain declare war on Germany

    On September 3, Prime Minister Chamberlain went to the airwaves to announce to the British people that a state of war existed between their country and Germany. World War II had begun.
  • Pearl harbor Attacked

    Japan uses a suprise attack in an attempt to decimate the US Pacific fleet.