• Slavery

    "Necessary evil"
    pecullar institution caused division
    north hated it ,south loved it
    forced labor
  • Period: to

    Road to War

  • State Rights

    10th amendment
    Theory of nullification
    VA and KY resolutions---Adams,SC nullification crises---Jackson
    north hated it and the south loved it
  • Sectionalism

    Love of region/state
    People want whats best for them not the nation
    Mostly in the south
  • Missouri compromise of 1820

    Missouri compromise equal slave
    Maine free 36 degree 30 minutes up north equal free
    36 degree 30 minutes down south equal slaves
    reexamine issue of slavery as USA adds territory
  • Compromise of 1850

    Allow popular soverignity to decide debate over slavery
    End slave trade in D.C.
    CA equals free
  • Fugitive slave act

    Part of compromise of 1850
    Slave catchers go north to find run aways
    Resented it ignored
    south loved it and north didnt like it
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Fiction book about slavery
    Harriet Beecherstore showed seperation of families and slavery cond.
    north loved it and south hated it
  • Kansa-Nebraska Act

    Overturned MO compromise
    Use popular sovereignity to determine slave or free
    Abolitionists and proslave clash
  • "Bleeding Kansas"

    Result of the kansas Nebraska act
    Abolitionists and proslave
    Rush to as to vote fight for 2yrs
  • brooks attacks Sumner

    Shows Brutal side
    brooks of SC hits Sumner with his cane during slavery debate
  • Republican Party formed

    Free Soilers
    No expansion of slavery
  • Dred Scott v. Sanford

    MO compromise unconstitutional
    Slaves are property
    Slaves can live anywhere
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate

    Abe Stephen
    Debate expansion of slaves
    Lincoln gets national attention anti-expansion of slavery
  • John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

    Not successful
    all captured and hanged
    north hero maryr and south murderer Villian
  • Election of 1860

    Lincoln won
    in electoral college without any southern votes
  • Secession of southern states

    SC starts
    Others followed formed CSA president Jefferson Davis
  • Firing on fort Sumter,S.C.

    1st shots of civil war
    CSA tried to capture for guns
    Lincoln sent food and supplies
  • Lincoln calls up volunteers to fight!

    CSA forms army
    Lincoln increased traps led to 1st battle of Bull Run