Road to Revolution- Lee

By 16slee
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    British would not let colonist go to the west and get the riches. British were allowed to go to the west and were able to trade goods with Natives. Colonist began to get angry with the British since since the colonist fought and helped with the French and Indian war. Colonist believed they should get the same share as British. The colonist still went to the west and did what they wanted to.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    British made a law for no smuggling. Colonist thought their rights were taken away. British got some profit from the colonist trading. The act lowered tax in order for no smuggling.
  • Currency Act of 1764

    Currency Act of 1764
    The act was made to control the colonial currency system. Colonist had trading issues due to the Great Britian. Colonist made protest but did not stop the rules. Also if anyone was caught smuggling or breaking the rules the British would get benifit but not the colonist.
  • Stamp Act of 1765

    Stamp Act of 1765
    Tax was put on almost every printed material in the colonies.It affect every colony . There was a stamp to every printed material. Parliament needed to raise money and made the law.
  • Quartering Act of 1765

    Quartering Act of 1765
    Colonist had to pay for taking care of the British and their bills from inns, vacant buildings, and barns. The colonist had to serve the British with food and drinks. The colonist decide to take action. But the Parliament ignored the colonist self government and would tax them.
  • Stamp Act Congress 1765

    Stamp Act Congress 1765
    Delegates from colonies sent a petition to the king and Parliament saying that the only ones who could tax the colonies were by their own government. Colonist decide not to use the British Stamp or purchase any of the European and British goods. There was a nonimportation agreement signed by colonist to not buy their products. Then the British were going to go out of business and asked Parliamnent to cancel the act.
  • Declaraotry Act of 1766

    Declaraotry Act of 1766
    The act said that Parliament had power over the British and America. The Parliament wanted to allow the same laws to work for the colonist. This came after the cancelling of the Stamp Act. The colonist started to reject and not wish to obey the Parliament and the Parliament decide the only way to have power was if the colonist followed the rule. The rule the Parliement made was implied to everyone.
  • Townsend Act of 1767

    Townsend Act of 1767
    The tax were on important goods. The good tax was any material like paper and tea. The colonist needed these materials because they did not produce them and when they bought the materials they would also have to pay the British tax. The colonist did not care what the law had taxed now since there were too many laws of tax by the Parliment. The colonist thought that only their representative were allowed to tax them.The colonist decide to refuse again and this time more people joined in.