Rising Extremes

  • Founding of The League Of Nations

    Founding of The League Of Nations
    The League Of Nations was an organization created after World War I. It incorporated all the victorious allies from the war. The reason or the main idea for the creation was to prevent a war the was a crime against the whole human community. It was the right and duty for all states to join in preventing it.
  • Benito Mussolini becomes dictator of Italy

    Benito Mussolini becomes dictator of Italy
    Mussolini was a political leader in Italy. In 1925 he became the fascist dictator of Italy. He was the first fascist dictator to ever rule in Europe. His plan was to reunite all the Italian people and recreate the Roman Empire by expanding Italy.
  • Cairine Wilson CAN

    Cairine Wilson CAN
    Cairine Wilson was Canada's first women to become a senator. She contributed a lot to help with Germany and had many achievements.
  • German Elections

    German Elections
    In 1932 Germany saw the Nazi Party win the Federal Election by a significant number of seats. The Nazi Party has 230 whereas the Social Democratic Party finished with just 133. It was a battle between ideologies. The leader of the National-Socialist German Workers' party was Adolphus Hitler. This began his reign across Europe.
  • Period: to

    Frederick Blair and Mackenzie King’s Anti-Semetic Immigration Policy CAN

    Blair created an immigration policy to keep Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany out of Canada. Between 1933-139 only 5000 jews were allowed in compared to the 200,000 of the United States and 20,00 of Mexico. Blair didn't want to be involved with the jews and Hitler.
  • The Christie Pits Riot CAN

    The Christie Pits Riot CAN
    The riot took place around and 6 months after Hitler took power. In the summer Jews in Toronto would go cool off at the beach. This would cause complaints since Germany impacted to world to not like jews. The jews then came across a swastika club who became the subject of an editorial in Toronto's jewish standard. A few months later a riot between jews and the swastika club broke out at a baseball game. What the Germans were doing slowly had an impact on the rest of the world.
  • Germany leaves League Of Nations

    Germany leaves League Of Nations
    In October 1933, some nine months after Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, the German government announced its withdrawal from the League of Nations. The reason for this was because the government didn't agree with The Treaty Of Versailles.
  • Germany combines the roles of Chancellor and President

    Germany combines the roles of Chancellor and President
    Hitler wanted more power in Germany so he passed little laws over time causing the role of Chancellor(which Hitler was at the time) to President. This let him rule Germany easier.
  • Germany’s Nuremberg Race Laws

    Germany’s Nuremberg Race Laws
    The Nuremberg Laws were anti semitic and racist laws that were introduced in Nazi Germany at a special meeting of the Reichstag convened during the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party. This caused jews to not have an freedom and for Germans to suppress them.
  • Norman Bethune and the Spanish Civil War CAN

    Norman Bethune and the Spanish Civil War CAN
    Dr. Norman Bethune left his medical job in Montreal in 1936 to join the Republican forces fighting the fascists under General Franco in Spain. There Dr. Bethune conducted a blood transfusion unit that was used at or near the front and it saved thousands of lives. When he returned to Canada he was considered a hero and gave many speeches. This showed how a brave Canadian helped with a world probelm.
  • Adrien Arcand and Canadian Fascists CAN

    Adrien Arcand and Canadian Fascists CAN
    Adrien Arcand was a Canadian journalist who lead many fascist political movement in his life. During his career he claimed himself to be the Canadian Fuhrer, which meant leader in German. This was associated Hitler. As Hitler's rule in Europe increased people wanted to have the power in other countries such as Canada and men like Arcand.
  • Period: to

    Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil was a military revolt against the Republican government of Spain. This war was essentially practice for the Nazi's as they tested out new weopans and equipment which later helped them for WW2.
  • The Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade CAN

    The Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade CAN
    Mac-Paps were a battalion of Canadians who fought a part of the XV International Brigade on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s. Except for France, no other country had a greater proportion of its population volunteer in Spain as did Canada. The XV International Brigade battle killed nine Canadians.
  • Mackenzie King’s visit to Berlin CAN

    Mackenzie King’s visit to Berlin CAN
    Mackenzie King(Canada's Prime Minister at the time) visited Berlin Germany to see Hitler for 4 days. His plan was to try and avert or prevent a second World War from happening which was inevitable. This once again shows Canada's involvement in Germany and Europe.
  • Italy leaves the League of Nations

    Italy leaves the League of Nations
    In September 1937, Mussolini visited Germany. Hitler showed off his military power for Mussolini and by the end of the visit, Mussolini was convinced that Germany was the power he should ally with. He thought that an alliance with Germany would lead to Italy becoming more powerful throughout Europe. As Germany had left the League of Nations in 1933, Mussolini left the League in 1937
  • Kristalnacht

    Nazi leaders set out many pogroms against the Jewish population in Germany. Kristalnacht meant "Night of broken glass" which symbolized the shattered glass across the streets of jewish communities. Around 30,000 jews were taken to concentration camps.
  • Norman Bethune and the Chinese Civil War CAN

    Norman Bethune and the Chinese Civil War CAN
    In 1938 Bethune joined many Western doctors in China, where the war with Japan was devastating the entire country. While there he met with the Communist leader Mao Zedong in a cave, where their discussion lasted the entire night. In addition to working with his mobile unit, Bethune made other significant improvements to China's medical system. He had helped Canadians in Spain and now in China, he was a medical hero for Canada around the world.
  • M.S. St. Louis CAN

    M.S. St. Louis CAN
    The M.S St. Louis was a ship from WW2. It carried 907 Jewish refugees on its way to Canada. Due to Blair they were denied entry to Canada and had to harbour on other European countries. Unfortunately, 254 of those passengers died in the Holocaust.
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

    Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
    This pact was between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It was a non-aggression pact that enabled both powers to split Poland between them.