Rights and Freedoms

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In History
  • Stolen Genarations

    The Stolen Generation was a policy made by the whites to try to get rid of the Aboriginal blood.
    They used half-castes for the program were to get rid of there ways such as tradition and culture.
    They were usually taken from their mothers.
  • Day of Mouring

    The day of mourning was a day where the aboriginal population mourned on the seizure of their country.
    The had protested for Citizenship. And eventually they got it. At the day they had wide spread support for the action.
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    The declaration of human rights was declared in 1948.
    It allowed every human being rights and freedoms.
    Australia played a prominent role in establishing the declaration under the guide of Dr Herbert Vere Evatt.
  • Electoral Act

    The Electoral Act was used to allow aboriginals to vote in federal elections. This further allowed the aboriginals to enrol to vote is they wished.
  • Freedom Ride

    The freedom ride was organised by Charles Perkins, it was used to get the word out of aboriginal rights.
    It was a huge success and inspired aboriginals around the country to use their imagination of what rights they could achieve if the pushed for it.
  • Gurindji Strike

  • Referendum

    The Referendum was a vote to change the constitution.
    The things being changed were that the aboriginals were to be counted in the census. As well as they are put under the jurisdiction of the commonwealth, not the state government.
    The vote was a major success 90.7% of people saying yes to the referendum.
  • The Aboriginal Tent Embassy

    The embassy started out like an umbrella and a sign. it stated 'Aboriginal Embassy'. Soon after the grounds were flooded with Aboriginal activists, using the right to occupy their lands.
  • United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child

  • Mabo Decision

  • Redfern Speech

  • United Nations

  • Native Title

  • Wik Case

  • Reconciliation and Formal Apology

  • United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Self determination