Richard Nixion

  • Richard Nixion was born

    Born in Yorba Linda, California He was the second child out of five boys. He attened Whitter College, Where he excelled as a debater and was elected president of the student body before graduating in 1934.
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    Richard Nixon was the second of five children born to Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. His father was a service station owner and grocer, who also owned a small lemon farm in Yorba Linda, California. His mother was a Quaker exerted a strong influence on her son.
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    1928-1930, Richard Nixion Attends Whitter High school.
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    Upon graduation from Whittier in 1934, Nixon received a full scholarship to Duke University Law School in Durham, Returning to Whittier to practice law at the firm of Kroop & Bewley, he met Thelma Catherine (“Pat”) Ryan, a teacher and amateur actress, after the two were cast in the same play at a local community theatre.
  • Marrried

    The couple married in 1940 and had two daughters, Tricia and Julie.
  • .....

    In January 1942, the Nixons moved to Washington, D.C., where Nixon joined the Office of Price Administration. He soon left the bureaucracy and entered the Navy on August 17, 1942.
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    NIxion was asked to run for con. Nixon accepted their offer, and, on November 6, 1946, defeated Democratic Congressman Jerry Voorhis by more than fifteen thousand votes.
  • Senator

    In 1950, he defeated Democratic Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas to win California’s vacant Senate seat by more than half a million votes.
  • Vice President

    In November 1952, Eisenhower and Nixon defeated the candidates on the Democratic ticket, presidential nominee Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson and running mate Alabama Senator John Sparkman, by seven million votes.
  • President

    In 1960, facing little competition, Nixon won the Republican nomination for president and chose former Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
  • Again

    In January 1968, Nixon decided to once again seek the nomination of the Republican Party for president. Portraying himself as a figure of stability in a time of national upheaval, Nixon promised a return to traditional values and “law and order.”
  • Award

    On April 29, 1969, Nixon awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to Duke Ellington.
  • Second Term

    In his 1972 bid for re-election, Nixon defeated South Dakota Senator George McGovern, the Democratic candidate for president, by one of the widest electoral margins ever, winning 520 electoral college votes to McGovern’s 17 and nearly 61 percent of the popular vote.
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    Nixon nominated Gerald Ford, Republican leader in the House of Representatives, to succeed Agnew. Ford was confirmed by both houses of Congress and took office on December 6, 1973.
  • Home

    Pat Nixion died of lung cancer in the early morning in Park Ridge, New Jersey.
  • Dead

    Nixion Died on April 22, 1994, in New York City and was buried in Yorba Linda, California on April 27, 1994.