I luv 80's


  • A Transformation

    A Transformation
    Fashion, toys, music, and television all transformed in the 1980's. Everything was bigger and better.
  • Period: to

    The Enlightening Eighties

    The years of hope, change, inspiration, and greed.
  • Pierre Trudeau

    Pierre Trudeau
    Pierre Trudeau is elected prime minister of Canada.
  • Terry Fox Begins his Run

    Terry Fox Begins his Run
    -after his struggle with cancer and after loosing his leg Terry Fox of Winnepeg, Manitoba begins his run across Canada.
    -He started in St.John's and planned to run all the way across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Death

    Alfred Hitchcock's Death
    (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980)
    Alfred Hitchcock was a famous director of suspense movies. He was at his prime in the fifties and sixies.
  • Quebec Separation

    Quebec Separation
    ~Quebec called a referendum in 1980 for seperation of their province from the rest of Canada
    ~The province of Quebec had many differences between the francophone population and the anglophone minority within its province
    ~Quebec's referendum ended with the "no" side winning majority (59.56% no, 40.44% yes).
  • "O Canada" is Declared Canada's National Anthem

    "O Canada" is Declared Canada's National Anthem
    ~The anthem was written in 1880 but it stopped undergoing changes to the lyrics -- thus making it official.
  • Moscow Olympics Get Boycotted

    Moscow Olympics Get Boycotted
    ~The boycott of the Moscow Olympics was because the United States protested the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
    ~US President Jimmy Carter issued an ultimatum on January 20, 1980 that the US would boycott the Moscow Olympics if Soviet troops didn't withdraw from Afghanistan in a month.
    ~Other countries joined the boycott and competed in the olympics at Philadelphia
  • Terry Fox Run Ends

    Terry Fox Run Ends
    -After running for 143 days Terry Fox has to end his run for cancer after raiseing 1.7 million dollars.
    -He made it through six provences without dought and was two thirds of the way till the Pacific ocean.
    -Soon after Terry fox ended his run the cancer took his life.
    -the story of Terry Fox is one that still inspires many to this day, every year a Terry Fox run is held all over the country to support cancer research.
    -He has a made a very large impact on life today.
  • Terry Fox is Awarded The order of Canada

    Terry Fox is Awarded The order of Canada
    ~Terry Fox is awarded the Order of Canada by Governor-General Edward Schreyer for his charity work.
  • The Iran-Iraq war

    The Iran-Iraq war
    ~The Iran-Iraq war took place from 1980 to 1988.
    ~Iraq was accused of using illegal chemical weapons to kill Iranian forces
    ~Iranian armies were poorly equipped and went to desperate measures where they had to use soldiers as young as 15.
    ~Iran finally agreed to an armistice by 1988.
    ~Over one million people were killed.
    ~Over 3 trillion dollars spent on the war.
  • John Lennon is Assasinated

    John Lennon is Assasinated
    (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)
    John Lennon was a famous member of "The Beatles"
    -ON Dec. 8th John Lennon was shot in the back four times on the outshirts of Central park.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Hepatitis B Vaccine
    • First commercial hepatitis B vaccine was released in 1981
    • It was not a success because it was created from human blood serum
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    • Developed in 1981 by Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer
    • Creates images of surfaces at the atomic level
    • Creates image by monitoring the current as the scanning tip moves across the sample
  • Ronald Reagan Gets Elected US President

    Ronald Reagan Gets Elected US President
    ~Ronald Reagan was elected U.S. President in 1980. ~Ronald Reagan planned to strengthen the US army to challenge the Soviet Union.
    ~He wanted to prevent the spread of communism.
    ~He demanded Soviet Russia to demolish the Berlin Wall.
    ~He took on a message of "anti-drugs" since drug abuse was a growing problem in the 80's
  • Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan

    Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan
    ~Us president Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington, D.C. by a mental young stalker, John Hinckley.
    ~Reagan's press secretary James Brady was also shot with a police officer and a Secret Service agent.
    ~They all recovered, but James Brady had to use a wheelchair and began to speak out about violence and gun control.
  • Assassination Atempt of Pope John Paul the II

    Assassination Atempt of Pope John Paul the II
    ~Pope John Paul II faced an assassination attempt in Saint Peter's Square.
    ~The assassin was a Turkish man named Mehmet Ali Agca. Most had believed he was an agent working for Bulgaria or Soviet Union because of the Pope's anti-communist Beliefs.
    ~John Paul the II was shot twice but fully recovered.
  • The Yuppie

    The Yuppie
    The Yuppie look became very popular in for men and woman in their 20's and 30's. They dressed very nicely, and were into designer fashions, such as Calvin Klien, Girgio Armanui, and Ralph Lauren,
  • Reaganomics

    ~There were four main plans for the Reaganomimcs
    Reduce Growth of Government spending.
    Reduce Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.
    Reduce Government regulation.
    Control the money supply to reduce inflation
    ~Reagan's economic Ideology caused a massive groewth in the economy and reduced unemployment to its lowest levels in history.
  • Marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

    Marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
    -This wedding was a major event for the world as spectators wated the wedding of their future king
    -Prince Charles was the next heir to the royal throne.
  • IBM Personal Computer Released

    IBM Personal Computer Released
    • Released on Auguest 12, 1981
    • IBM's entry into the personal computers market
    • Costed $1,600 to $6,000
    • Used PC-DOS (rebranded MS-DOS)
  • First Woman To Serve in Supreme Court

    First Woman To Serve in Supreme Court
    ~Sandra Day O'Connor became the first female to serve in the supreme court
    ~She was a judge in Arizona.
    ~SHe was sworn in by president Ronald Reagan
  • Assassination of Anwar Sadat

    Assassination of Anwar Sadat
    ~Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was assassinated at a military parade in Cairo.
    ~Vice president Hosni Mubarak took over as president and completely destroyed Egypt' s democratic government.
    ~There have been assumptions that Hosni Mubarak planned the assassination to gain full control of the country.
    ~After 30 years of leading Egypt, he was overthrown by Egyptian civilians in February 2011.
  • Canadarm

    • Canadarm was first launched into space on November 13, 1981, aboard Space Shuttle Columbia
    • Robotic arm capable of manipulating space hardware
    • Created for the Space Shuttle program
  • Compact Discs Introduced

    Compact Discs Introduced
    • CDs were introduced to the consumer market in 1982
    • Holds much more data and more durable than vinyl records or cassette tapes
  • Canada Gains Official Independence

    Canada Gains Official Independence
    ~Canada gained official independence from the UK with a new Constitution on 17 April 1982,
    ~Queen Elizabeth II signed The constitution Act, 1982.
    ~Canada becomes fully independent politically but the Queen still remains the Head of State.
  • Thriller Becomes Album of all time.

    Thriller Becomes Album of all time.
    Thriller was released November 30th 1982, and later became, and still is, the best selling album of all time.
  • Academy Awards

    Academy Awards
    Best Picture: Terms of Endearment, directed by James L Brooks
    Best Actor: Robert Duvall in Tender Mercies
    Best Actress: Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment
  • Apple Macintosh Released

    Apple Macintosh Released
    • Released on January 24, 1984
    • First commercially successful computer with graphical user interface and mouse
    • Costed $1,995 to $2,495
  • DNA Fingerprinting

    DNA Fingerprinting
    • Discovered by Alec Jeffreys in September 1984
    • Used for disputed immigration cases, criminal cases, and paternity tests
  • Brian Mulroney

    Brian Mulroney
    Brian Mulroney is elected prime minister of Canada
  • First Canadian in Space

    First Canadian in Space
    • Marc Garneau became the first Canadian in space after Space Shuttle Challenger was launched into space on October 5, 1984
  • Madonna is a Fashion Icon

    Madonna is a Fashion Icon
    Madonna had a great influence on fashion in late 1984. She made wearing skirts over leggings, lace gloves, and messy hair very stylish for young woman.
  • Assassination of Indira Gandhi

    Assassination of Indira Gandhi
    ~The prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her personal securityguards
    ~The cause for her assassination was because of the Indian Army's attack on Golden Temple to murder Sikh Militant stronghold.
  • ATI Technologies Founded

    ATI Technologies Founded
    • Founded in 1985 as Array Technologies Incorporated
    • Created graphics cards for other companies
    • Acquired by AMD in 2006
  • Live AID

    Live AID
    ~The event was organized to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine. There were two events taking place at the same time -- one in Wembley Stadium in London, Engl and The John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
    ~about 170,000 people attended in total.
  • Liev Aid Concert

    Liev Aid Concert
    The Live Aid Concert was held to send food to Ethiopia for people suffering from major famine. It was considered to be the "global jukebox" because it was held all over the world not just in one place.
  • 82% of families watch TV

    82% of families watch TV
    82% of American families watched television daily, the average household had their TV on for 7 hours a day.
  • New Hepatitis B Vaccine Developed

    New Hepatitis B Vaccine Developed
    • Recombinant DNA hepatitis B vaccine was created in 1986
    • Same vaccine is still used today
  • Challenger Space Shuttle Crashes

    Challenger Space Shuttle Crashes
    -the challenger was set to lift-off with six astronauts and the first civilian to be in space.
    -soon after the take-off one of the O-ring seals on one of the rocket booster failed.
    -this caused the booster to explode.
    -Chritsta Mcauliffe- was to be the first civilian to be in space, she was a grade school teacher.
    -all passengers were killed instantly as the world watched the ship fall back to earth.
  • Corazon Aquino: First Female Leader of The Philippines

    Corazon Aquino: First Female Leader of The Philippines
    ~First woman to become president in Thr Philippines
    ~She's known for leading the People Power Revolution in 1986 by overthrowing Ferdinand Marcos and restrieving democracy in the Philippines.
    ~She is labeled as a democratic icon
    ~Titled 'Woman of the Year' by TIME Magazine in 1986
  • Oprah Winfrey Show Begins

    Oprah Winfrey Show Begins
    <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXD4jbF-C2Q'
    Glimpse at Oprah's first Show</a>
  • Baby Jessica

    Baby Jessica
    -Baby Jessica, a 18 month old toddler was wandering in her backyard in Midland, Texas when she fell into the families well.
    -The well was only 22inches wide and Jessica fell right to the bottom safely.
    -Rescuers attempted to save her quickly but the rescue ended up taking 56 hours (around two and a half days).
    -Rescuers were finally able to get baby Jessica out of the well, she came out alive after no food or water for almost three days.
    -It was a true miracle that Jessica did not die.
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Nobel Prize in Physics
    • Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer was award the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing the scanning tunneling microscope
    • Ernst Ruska was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Phyiscs for desinging the first electron microscope
  • ATI Starts Selling Under Its Own Brand

    ATI Starts Selling Under Its Own Brand
    • ATI Technologies started selling graphics card under its own brand in 1987
    • ATI VGA/EGA Wonder was introduced
  • Hair Styles

    Hair Styles
    In the 1980's there were 7 significant hair styles. These included the perm, mullet, jheri curl, flat top, hi-top, fade, and "big hair"
  • Gorbachev and Reagan sign the INF Treaty

    Gorbachev and Reagan sign the INF Treaty
    ~The Formal Title is: The Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.
    ~This peace treaty will lead to the end of the Cold War in 1991
  • Canada And The US Sign Free Trade Agreement

    Canada And The US Sign Free Trade Agreement
    ~the agreement was to drop remaining tarrifs for trading goods
    ~Canada wanted access to the American economy and America wanted Canada's energy and natural resources
    ~Free trade ensures fair competition and eliminates barriers for trading goods
  • George H.W. Bush is Elected US President

    George H.W. Bush is Elected US President
  • Hip Hop Music

    Hip Hop Music
    There were many types of music during the 1980s, and by 1989 hip hop became a popular type of music.
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    Fall of Berlin Wall
    ~The Fall of The Berlin Wall shows the approach of the Cold War's end
    ~will lead to the reunitfication of east and west Germany in 1990.
    ~Most of the communist governments of Eastern Europe collapsed