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Rewards/Punishments Timeline!

By tara93
  • Toddler 1994-1996

    Toddler 1994-1996
    Punishments: Waving Finger Saying "no!" Tapping hand Rewards: Cookies/food,
  • Period: to


  • Pre-School 1997-1999

    Pre-School 1997-1999
    Punishments: Take Hot Sauce bottle out, no barney/TV, separate from sister Rewards: Coloring Books, Movies, Cheerios
  • Young Child 1999-2004

    Young Child 1999-2004
    Punishments: Little spanking, Yell, Threaten to tell daddy, No cookies/treats, No swings, separate from sister, no barney...... Rewards: Treats, Coloring books, McDonalds, Park on swings,
  • Pre-Teen/Tween 2004-2007

    Pre-Teen/Tween 2004-2007
    Punishments: No friends, no TV/Computer, separate from sister, no cooking :(, Rewards: Cook, out to eat with daddy, hang out with friends,
  • Adolescent/Adult 2007-Present

    Adolescent/Adult 2007-Present
    Punishments- no friends, no car!, no cell phone, no computer, no TV, clean house, yelling. Rewards: FOOD! :D, Money, out to eat,