The War for Independence

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  • Rebellious Massachusetts

    British Parliament declares Massachusetts to be in rebellion
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

  • Patriots capture Fort Ticonderoga in New York

  • Congress establishes the Continental Army

  • George Washington Commander-in-Chief

  • State of Rebellion

    Georgia III proclaims that Americans are in a state of rebellion
  • Crown forces evacuate Boston

  • Independence resolution first introduced in Congress

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Benjamin Franklin travels to France from Philadelphia

  • Congress authorizes Articles of Confederation

  • Battle of Oriskany in New York

  • Poli Massacre in Pennsylvania

  • British occupy Philadelphia

  • British force Saratoga to surrender

  • France recognizes US as an independent nation

  • Treaty of Amity and Friendship and Treaty of Alliance

    Americans representatives in Paris
    the alliance is a secret
  • Congress ratifies Treaty of Alliance with France

  • British evacuate Philadephia

  • British captures Savannah

  • Louis XVI approves the expedition particuliere

  • Charleston, SC is taken over British

  • Battle of the Waxhaws in South Carolina

  • Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina

  • British evacuate Savannah, Georgia

  • Rochambeaus's infantry sails out of Boston Harbor for the Caribbean

  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War