revolutionary war

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    war timeline

  • battle of lexington

    The Battle of Lexington was the first battle between the British (troops) and colonists
  • battle of concord

    The Battle of Lexington was the first battle between the British (troops) and colonists
  • Bunker Hill Battle

    The militia lost and the british won
    They had the battle of bunker hill because the British didn't want the Americans to follow their own religion but it happened when the Americans built a fort on top of a hill for cover and if the British got it then they would have their cannons. Actually the battle was fought on breeds hill.
  • Battle of Dorchestor heights

    The Battle of Dorchester Heights on March 17, 1776, was a victory for the colonists. The brittish lost
    It was the first victory by Washington in the Revolutionary War.
  • declaration of independance

  • Battle of Long Island

    The success in Long Island pushed the Brittish forces back into a longer campaign than imagined and put them in the position of having to find and secure more supplies going into what would end up being a winter campaign. The bit about burning down the town however moved the government to Manhattan and it stayed that way until 1783 when the capital was moved permanently to Albany.
  • The Battle of Trenton & Princeton

    The Battle of Trenton was the turning poin tin the revolution and a significant morale boost. Washington defeated the Hessians taking advantage ot the winter provided by the battle of Long Island and proving that the Americans were in this to win. While the Brittish pretended it did not matter much the brittish forces found themselves retreating from that battle forward.
  • Battle of brandywine

  • Valley Forge

    this is where a lot of people died and they spent time traing and now is a much better army
  • battle of yorktown

    the americans won the battle of yorktown agains the British.
    It was the last battle of the Revolutionary War. (So colonies were now America)
  • the treaty of paris

    Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War