Revolutionary War

  • Proclomation

    Proclomation was the ending of the French and Indian war The British had the proclamation to create time and space so they could figure out what to do with the French and Indians that were left. The american colnosts were mad because they fought and died in the war for this land.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp act was an act for granting certain stamp duties in the british colonies. The stamp act was the first tax on American colonies. It was put it place to pay off the debt the great britain owed from the French and Indian war. The colonies continued to rebel Britsh goods.
  • Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre was a sreet fight between a patriot mob and Britain back up troops. The people of Boston were throwing snowballs and rocks at the guard and the back up troops. The back up british troops decided to fire at the mob. Five civilians ended up dying, and they continued to rebel until the taxes were over
  • Boston Tea Party/Tea Act

    The Tea act was when the british taxed the amerian colony of every load of tea brought into the collonies. The govenor of the Boston was the one forcing them to bring in the tea. The boston tea party was a reaction to the tea act. The american decdied to rebel by boarding 3 ships and dumped 342 crates of britsh tea into the boston harbor. It was a way to protest againest brtish goverment
  • First Continental Congress

    The Continental Congress called in the American colonies in response to Intolerable Acts by Parliament. The act closed the port of Boston. 12 of the 13 colonies sent representatives to Philadelphia that planned to meet on September 5 1774. The Congress had written a list of complaints they had against Great Britain. The First Continental Congress sent a letter of their complaints to King of England. They boycotted britsh goods until they repealed Intolerble Acts