revolutionary war

  • lexington and concord

    Militias supplies destroyed it was the first battle of the revolutionary war. It happened to criple the Militia.
  • Period: to

    Timeline of battles

  • Battle of bunker hill

    It was a small war the colonist vs the british. The british won the war. It started because the colonist occupied british territory. The british may have won but they lost a lot of soldiers more than the colonist.
  • Battle of Trenton

    The colonist attack the britsh on christmas so they would not be ready. Colonist win the battle in attempt to push the british out of New Jersey. !st real battle that the colonist win.
  • battle of princeton

    The colonist once again sneak attack on the british to once again attempt to push the british out of Princeton, New Jersey. They capture the town and get more military supplies.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The Americans lead by Gates attack the british and win. They did it to keep the south connected with New england. It was a major victory.
  • Valley Forge

    The soldiers get sick and start dieing from starvation. No food because the british own alot of the towns sot they cant get food from them. But the colonist survive and go on to win!
  • battle of Yorktown

    Washington moved south and encounters the british and trap them. They both wanted control over the Charleston river. It was the last battle for independance
  • The treaty of paris

    The british, spain, france, and the colonies are signing a peace treaty. The british have realized the cost of the colonies to be theres is to great. It divided land in North America it gave the british canada and the colonist everything east of the Mississippi river.