Revolution timeline

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  • Lexington

    This fight kicked off the American Revolution war . Hundreds marched from Boston to lexington
  • Concord

    The fight kicked off the American Revolution war . British soldiers marched from Boston to Concord
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    On this day Gage sent 2400 troops up the hill , The colonists that were holding the hill held their fire until last minute when they stopped holding fire they began to mow down the advancing redcoats.
  • Treton

    The hessian army was crushed in Washington's raid in the Delaware river , The Americans were invigorated by the lost that the British Hessian forces gave them
  • Saratoga

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  • Period: to


    This battle was a turning point in the American Revolution . It gave patriots major morale boost which persuaded the French , Spanish and Dutch people to join them as mutual rivals
  • New york

    New york
    During the Revolutionary war , New York had an important role throughout it all , early on their central position in the Colonies made its port vital to commerce and a key strategic point.
  • Philladelphia

    The battle of Germantown was had a lot of action in the Philadelphia American Revolutionary war . The battle was between Americans and brutish which was led by Sir William Howe.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
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  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Valley forge acted like the third of eight winter encampments for continentals army's main body. Was led by General George Washington. Congress later fled to Philadelphia to escape getting captured.
  • Marquis De Lafayette

    Marquis De Lafayette
    He was a French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War , he commanded American troops in several battles , one of them being the Siege of Yorktown
  • Yorktown

    The siege of Yorktown was also known as the Battle of Yorktown , The British surrender here at Yorktown .This was a decisive win by a combined force of American continental army troops led by general George Washington and the French led by Comte de Rochambeau.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The treaty of Paris , was signed in Paris by representatives of King George III of Great Britain and representatives of the United States of America. This was officially the end of he American Revolutionary War