revolution timeline

Timeline created by Noah Anderson
  • Treaty of paris

    Treaty that ended the seven years war.
  • Proclamation act

    Controled movement of colonist into indians land.
  • The sugar act

    Was revision of the molasses act that wasnt very enforced decreased tax from 6 pence per gallon to 3 pence per gallon , but was enforced seriously.
  • stamp act

    Tax on colonies for every printed piece of paper that was they used.
  • The quartering act

    Defined the keeping of british soilders provideing them with shelter and food etc, allowing soilders to impose on colonial homes.
  • Stamp act congress

    Nine colonies sent delegates and had a colonial confrence. It was a meeting disscussing no taxation without reprensation.
  • declaration of rights and grievances

    Taxes placed on colonist without reprensation were uncostitutional.
  • Stamp act repealed

    After stamp act congress many had tried to boycott british goods and resorted to violence to try to get their point across, Benjamin Franklin appealed to british house of commons. Britian repealed Stamp Act.
  • Declaratory Act

    Making there be a dependency on Britians parliamint
  • Townshend acts

    Series of 6 acts to tax the colonies and increase profit of Britian and show Britian had rights to tax the colonies.
  • Boston massacre

    Killing of five colonist by british soilders after colonist surronded and threw things at and taunted soilders.
  • Tea act

    Lead to famous act of rebelion in boston dumping tea.
  • Committee of correspondence

    Shadow government created between the 13 colonies to plan responses and reactions to britian and overlook legislature.
  • Boston tea party

    Protestors dressed as indians take out and ruin a whole shipment of tea. Erupts anger from Britian towards the colonies.
  • 1st continental congress

    All colonies except Georgia sent delegates to show a combined power of the colonies to Britian.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts consisted of the Boston port act, Massachutes government act, administration of justice act, quebec act. These acts were britians response to the colonies rowdy ways of acting against the crown includeing the dumping of tea in boston harbor.
  • Lexington and Concord

    British military moves in but minute men put up strong resistnace.
  • Bunker hill

    Early American revolution battle won by the british, because of lack of munitions of the american rebels. The british had large casualties and was morale booster for rebels.
  • Olive branch petition

    Rejected petition that was final step to try to stop total out war.
  • common sense

    Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that inspired and led people to rise up against britain.
  • Declaration of independence

    Layed out that the 13 colonies were free states that were not part of British empire. Forming the nation the United States of America.