French revolution timeline


By 2106863
  • Hameau De La Rein

    Hameau De La Rein
    Marie Antoinette creates Hameau de la Rein a costly pesant village for het intertainment.
    this is important because she was spending much money for no reason. she spent all this money while the frenche people were hungry and very poor
  • Woman Power

    Woman Power
    Woman march and break into the royal palace at Versailly because the high price and scarcity
    This is important to the French Revolution because this showed the unity and power of the women. they stood up for the households and they were angry because they couldnt afford to feed there kids.
  • Period: to

    Terror of the Gullitine

    The massive use of the gulliotine creates terror amung the french poeple to confront to the goals of the revolution. this was immprotan because it brought fear to the people to make them stay united and agints the goverment. this wasa complete succes because many peopl stayed united to over throe the bad goverment
  • the petrograde stand up

    the petrograde stand up
    there were brad riots in the petrograd and workers went on strikes. this was significant to the revolution because this was showing that peaopl were tierd of poverty. this also later lead soldiers to refuse a derect orderd to shot the protesters down.... they refuesed to do so.
  • lenins return

    lenins return
    lenin returns to Russia after exile to Switzerland this was significant because lenin returns to what he feels is with open arms ... he later on leads the revolution.
  • stalins 5 year plans

    stalins 5 year plans
    stalin propsed first of many 5-year plans to moderize Russia by bulding up there industria. this was signifficant because he brought Russia from strairt poverty to the 3ed largest producer in the world