Revalutionary War

  • Horatio Gates

    He commanded the southern army.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    He wrote the Declartion of Independance.
  • King George the 3rd

    Was king of Britain during the war.
  • John Hancock

    Sign the Declartion really big.
  • James Armistead

    He was a slave who joined the British army to spy on them
  • George Washinton

    He was a general and became our first president.
  • The U.S navy formed

    After this they could fight from the sea.
  • The Declartion or Independance

    The official satement breaking ties with Britain and starting the war.
  • Period: to

    The Revlutionary War

  • Nathan Hail Executed

    He spied on British troops
  • The Peace Treaty

    The document offically ending the war.
  • Battle of Sartoga

    Our fiirst win and the turning point of the war.