Renaissance Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Glasses were invented

    Glasses were invented
    Caption: This is a picture of glasses during the Renaissance
    Glasses were invented sometime in the 1300s by the Venetian Glassmaster's guild, but even before this time painting still showed people wearing spectacles or some kind of eye lens. This benefits people as it can help us see better. It is still used today but it has forseen some changes. it now has peices attached to it allowing it to hook onto your ears.
  • Period: Jan 31, 1300 to

    Inventions, Ideas and Creations of The Renaissance

    The dates in the timeline are not accurate. Only the years are.
  • Jan 1, 1346

    Gunpowder was first used in Europe

    Gunpowder was first used in Europe
    Caption: This is a photo gunpowder
    In this year, gunpowder was first used in Europe. It originated in China in the 800s and travelled to Europe in trades and was first used in battle. This shows human ingenuity as it has developed and has become of common use nowadays in battle. It was used in cannons and the muskets during the renaissance but has now developed into many forms of war items such as the gun.
  • Jan 1, 1348

    The Black Death peaked during this year

    The Black Death peaked during this year
    Caption: this is a painting of the Black Death
    The pubonic plague or Black Death peaked in Europe during this time span of 2 years (1348-1350). It has killed many people and the population declined the population by 30-60%. This still has not been overcome as cases are still occuring every now and then in rural areas. It caused bumps like boils to appear on the skin of the infected and they would endure a few days of suffering before their life ended.
  • Jan 1, 1405

    Compass was first used

    Compass was first used
    Caption: this is a picture of a compass that was used before
    The compass was first used in China by Zheng He. He first used the dry compasss on his his 7 ocean voyages. It impacts the world by helping sailors identify the direction that they are sailing in, thus preventing many sailors getting lost. It has also helped people discover new land as they could then figure out where they hadn't gone.
  • Jan 1, 1436

    Printing press was invented

    Printing press was invented
    Caption: this is a picture of the printing press Johannes Gutenburg made
    The printing press was made by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. The printing press has impacted man-kind because it is still used today and it has helped spread knowledge. It was used by exerting force and pressure on a carved word or letter dipped in ink imprinting marks on paper thus creating books making them cheaper and easier to make.
  • Jan 1, 1496

    wallpaper was first used

    wallpaper was first used
    Caption: This is a picture of moden day wallpaper
    Wallpaper was invented in England in the year 1496. It was made to make rooms look attractive and has flourished troughout the years. Today it is ised for decorations. It shows human ingenuity as it is popular and is widely used today.You can find it in most households nowadays but back in the Renaissance mostly rich people had wall paper and it was also used as a symbol to show their wealth.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    The musket was invented

    The musket was invented
    Caption: this is a picture of a musket in display at a museum
    During the early 1500s, the Spanish invented the first musket (rifle). It was over 2 m long and was very hard to fire but nevertheless, it has impacted the world and has introduced a new form of warfare which eliminates the use of swords and moves the world on in its technological path.
  • Jan 1, 1505

    The watch was invented

    The watch was invented
    Caption: this is a picture of the watch Henlien made
    The watch was invented this year by the German Peter Henlien. The watch he created was a pocket watch and not a wristwatch. It was so small because he used springs instead of the gears they use in grandfather clocks. This shows human ingenuity because it helped make life easier instead of relying on a large gandfather clock, this invention allowed people to tell the time wherever they went.
  • Jan 1, 1511

    Creation of Adam was painted

    Creation of Adam was painted
    Caption: this is a picture of the painting in the Vatican
    This painting was painted on the roof of the main temple in the Vatican by Michelangelo. There is still an active argument about God touching Adam's finger or not. The argument is active because the answer could possibly change the way mankind thinks of itself as the idea of God actually touching a human being seems unlikely to the Christian church.
  • Jan 1, 1519

    The Mona Lisa was fiished

    The Mona Lisa was fiished
    Caption: this is a picture of the Mona Lisa
    The Mona Lisa was finished this year by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. It has impacted man-kind as people are still trying to crack the mystery of the true meaning of da Vinci painting this peice of artwork and people are still arguing about the Mona Lisa smiling or not.People also wonder if the Mona Lisa is Leonardo picturing himself as a woman,
  • Toilet was invented

    Toilet was invented
    Caption: this is a picture of the modern day flushable toilet
    In the year 1586, the toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington in England. It is an example of human ingenuity because this invention is still used today and also becasue it was made to help make our lives easier. It was designed to flush human waste away into places we didn't come into contact often thus improving hygiene standards.
  • Thermometer

    Caption: this is a picture of an oldern day thermometer
    The first thermometer was invented this year by Galilieo. It has benefitted mankind by allowing us to tell if there was something wrong with our temperatures and tell us if there is something wrong with our bodies or not. It was an accurate way to easlily tell if something was wrong as before we had to only rely on our senses as they are not always accurate.
  • The submarine was invented

    The submarine was invented
    Caption: This is a picture of a remake of the first submarine
    The submarine was invented this year by Cornelius van Drebbe, although Wiliam Borne planned out ideas of it in 1578 and Leonardo da VInci had the first designs of the submarine over 100 years before that. His submarine consisted of 2 wooden boats sealed together with places for oars on the sides. This device has impacted our lives by bringing in a new way of warfare. Attack from the sea.
  • Calculator was invented

    Calculator was invented
    Caption:this is a picture of Pascal's calculator
    Blaise Pascal inventecd the first calculater in this year. It has benefitted man-kin as it allows us to quickly and easily do our math problems, as before we had to do them all by hand. He mainly invented it to help his father add up his taxes as he was a tax collecter.