Renaissance Musical Era

  • Period: 1320 to 1362

    da Firenze

    Italian composer and priest
  • Period: 1325 to 1397


    Italian composer and virtuoso organist. He was blind and the most famous Trecento composer. I consider him one of the most important figures in Italian Madrigals.
  • Period: 1340 to 1386

    da Bologna

    Italian composer, harpist, theorist and Landini's teacher
  • Period: 1390 to 1430

    Renaissance Musical Era

    The renaissance musical period was characterized by secular music and included many different types of small ensembles and types of music like Italian Madrigals, German Lieds, the French Chanson, and the Spanish Villancico.
  • Period: 1390 to 1453


    Leading english composer of the renaissance. Many of his works were destroyed
  • Period: 1397 to 1474

    Du Fay

    The first important Renaissance composer and used older medieval cadences
  • Period: 1410 to 1497


    A bass singer born in France. Was a great teacher
  • Period: 1450 to 1521

    des Prez

    Martin Luther considered him a great composer. French.
  • Period: 1450 to 1517


    Influenced German music and a court composer for Maxim;ilian I.
  • Period: 1452 to 1518

    de la Rue

    composer in the Burgundian court.
  • Period: 1457 to 1505


    Dutch composer of many important masses in Europe
  • Period: 1466 to 1539


    The first music printer and publisher
  • Period: 1483 to 1546

    Martin Luther

    Theologian who pioneered the protestant movement and founded the Lutheran church
  • Period: 1490 to 1562


    Composed music with complex continuous polyphony and a great teacher
  • Period: 1505 to


    An english organist who taught Byrd.
  • Period: 1507 to 1568


    Dutch composer who was famous for his Madrigals
  • Period: 1515 to 1565

    de Rore

    A flemish composer who was associated with Willaert
  • Period: 1521 to

    de Monte

    One of the best Renaissance composer who mixed polyphony and homophony
  • Period: 1525 to

    Pierluigi da Palestrina

    Icon of Renaissance music and worked with the council of Trent
  • Period: 1532 to

    di Lasso

    employed by Gabrieli
  • Period: 1532 to


    Italian organist, composer and teacher. Uncle of G. Gabrieli
  • Period: 1534 to

    Count bardi

    Leader of the Florentine Camerata
  • Period: 1535 to

    de Wert

  • Period: 1540 to


    Greatest english composer of his time
  • Period: 1548 to

    de Victoria

    Studied in Rome and greatest spanish composer of the renaissance
  • Period: 1553 to


    leading madrigal composer of the late 16th century
  • Period: 1557 to


    English madrigal composer
  • Period: 1561 to


    known for chromaticism in the renaissance
  • Period: 1567 to


    I consider him the best composer of the renaissance, ahead of his time
  • Period: 1576 to


    English madrigal composer