Renaissance Era

  • Period: 850 to 920

    Stephen of Liège

    A composer and bishop of a church during 901 to 920.
  • 1000

    Music Staff Invented

  • Period: 1079 to 1142

    Peter Abelard

    A medieval French composer.
  • Period: 1098 to 1179

    Hildegard of Bingen

    A German composer who was also know as Saint Hildegard.
  • Period: 1150 to 1201


    A French composer who was one of thirst composers to use polyphonic organum
  • 1201

    Tambourine Invented

  • Period: 1291 to 1361

    Philippe de Vitry

    A French composer and music theorist, who was praised on his innovations in composition.
  • Period: 1300 to 1377

    Guillaume de Machaut

    A French composer and poet who pioneered the ars nova style during the late medieval era.
  • Period: 1346 to 1352

    The Black Death

    The Black Death was a bubonic plague that took about a third of the population at the time.
  • Period: 1390 to 1453

    John Dunstable

    An English composer that lead the charge in the change between the Medieval era to the Renaissance era.
  • Period: 1397 to 1474

    Guillaume Du Fay

    A French Composer and music theorist during the early renaissance.
  • Period: 1400 to 1450

    The Rise of Rome

    The empire of Rome became a powerful force with the help of Julius Caesar.
  • 1401

    Sackbut Invented

    First ever trombone.
  • 1439

    Printing Press Invented

  • Period: 1452 to 1519

    Leonardo da Vinci

    An Italian polymath of the High Renaissance who was a painter, engineer, theorist, and much more.
  • 1492

    Columbus discovers the New World

    The discovery of the New World would lead to the colonization and expansion of the Americas.
  • 1500

    Harpsicord invented

  • 1500

    Recorder Invented

  • Period: 1530 to

    Orlande de Lassus

    A composer during that late renaissance era who used a very mature polyphonic style of the Franco-Flemish school.
  • 1533

    Ivan the Terrible was born

    Ivan the Terrible would later become the first Tsar of Russia by conquering land.
  • Period: 1557 to

    Giovanni Gabrieli

    An Italian Composer that was considered one of the best of his time, incorporating the styles of the Venetian School in his pieces.
  • Period: 1564 to

    William Shakespeare

    Consider one of the greatest English writers that wrote many plays and poems. He is also considered the worlds greatest dramatist.
  • Musical Genres

    Italian Frottola
    Troubadours and Trouvères
    Ars Nova
    German Lied
  • Musical Styles

    Italian madrigal
    Spanish villancico
    Gregorian chant