Remembering Walter Payton

  • Birth

    Walter Payton was born in Columbia, Mississippi.
  • Period: to

    Remembering Walter Payton

  • Freshmen year at Jackson State

    Freshmen year at Jackson State
    College Career
    Walter Payton turned down bigger school offers to play close to home behind his older brother at Jackson State.
  • Drafted by Chicago Bears

    Drafted by Chicago Bears
    1975 NFL Draft
    Walter payton was drafted in 1975, with the fourth overall pick by the Chicago Bears.
  • Single game rushing record

    Single game rushing record
    Walter Payton set the single game rushing record with 275 yards against the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Broke the NFL rushing record

    Broke the NFL rushing record
    Breaking record
    Walter Payton broke Jim Brown's record for most yards rushing in the NFL
  • Super Bowl XX Champions

    Super Bowl XX Champions
    Interview with Payton
    Walter Payton led the Chicago Bears to their first Super Bowl Championship by defeating the New England Patriots.
  • Death

    Tribute to Walter Payton
    Walter Payton passed away from cholangiocarcinoma at the age of 45 year.