Remains of Doctor Bass

Timeline created by milwaukee5
  • Autolysis

    Digestive enzymes begin gnawing upon the body's cells.
  • Rigor Mortis

    Chemicals that allow muscles to slide freely are metabolized, causing a temporary profound stiffness.
  • Fly Colonization

    Flies are drawn to the corpse and lay their eggs at every exposed opening.
  • Gloving

    Blisters form on the skin and evolve into large, peeling sheets. The skin starts to slough off in one piece.
  • Decay

    Smell of decay saturates the air as bacteria byproducts such as putrescene and cadaverine cause swelling in the abdomen.
  • Feeding

    Ants, moths, and mites begin to eat away at the body.
  • Saponification

    Natural soap build up occurs due to the interaction of bodily fats and acids.