Campus Activities Board: The First Decade

  • CAB was Founded

    CAB was Founded
    CAB released its first event schedule for a full school year, including a Nintendo competition and Club MTV-live.
    Photo Courtesy of Western Herald
  • CAB Brings National Talent to WMU

    CAB Brings National Talent to WMU
    CAB brings comedians Carrot Top and Mitch Mullany and actor Steve White to WMU using funds from the student assessment fee charged to undergraduate and graduate students.
    Photo courtesy of Western Herald.
  • Comedian Returns to WMU

    Comedian Returns to WMU
    On Oct. 6, 1993, Bernie's After Dark hosted comedian Rondell Sheridan for the second time. He was the first comedian to perform at Bernie's in 1992.
    Photo courtesy of Western Herald
  • First Miller Movie

    First Miller Movie
    CAB introduces the first Miller Movie, Home Alone. The monthly Miller Movie is a tradition that continues today.
    Photo courtesy of Western Herald
  • Comedians are Brought into Bernie's After Hours Student Comedy Club

    "Just because you're stuck on campus doesn't mean you should become a dorm rat," Chuck Weidner, 1995 CAB president, said. CAB continues to bring comedy to WMU.
  • CAB Funds WMU Olympics

    CAB worked with the Residence Hall Association
    to hold the WMU Olympics. After the restrictions that came with holding the event indoors, the two groups made the decision to hold the Olympics at the Goldsworth Valley Pond.
  • Well-known Bands Now Able to Come to Campus

    Before bringing a motion to Western Student Association (WSA), WMU administration had routinely said 'no' to CAB's efforts to bring big name bands to campus. With the support of diverse organizations and 26,000 students, the WSA passed the motion, allowing CAB to bring in big name bands.
  • Ray Silkman Makes Appearance at WMU

    Ray Silkman Makes Appearance at WMU
    CAB brings one of the most-talked about young jazz players to WMU.
    Photo courtesy of Western Herald.