Reed Hastings

  • Reed Hastongs is born

    Wilmot Reed Hastings, Jr. was born October 8, 1960 in Boston.
  • Reed Hasting's Bachelor's Degree

    Reed got his Bachelor's in Mathematics at Bowdoin College sometime in 1983
  • Reed's first job

    Reed went to teach high school math in Swaziland from 1983 to 1985 when he was in the Peace Corps
  • Reed co-founds Netflix

    Reed co-founds Netflix with Marc Randolph
  • Reed's Netflix Breakthrough

    Netflix had amassed a collection of 100,000 titles and over 44 million subscribers by then.
  • Reed's Characteristics

    Persistent - Never Give Up
    Creative - Think of New Ideas
    Responsible - Get Things Done, Trustworthy
    Inquisitive - Look at Things Differently