Red Scare: Part 2

  • Yalta

    Meeting of US, UN, and Soviet Union to discuss the regaining of Europe after the war.
  • FDR Dies

    Dies of a stroke
  • Truman Doctrine

    U.S. agrees to engage in foreign relations to prevent the spread of communism.
  • Truman Loyalty Oaths

    Executive Oder 9835 puts a security program for all federal employees, designed to negate Rebublican charges of Cummunism making its way into the govermnent. Instead, it scared people even more that Communism was there.
  • Taft-Hartley Act

    Changing the Wagner aft of 1935, this also monitors activities and power of labor units.
  • Hollywood Ten

    Ten people that were accused of being communist, were unable to get any job in the field, and sent to jail.
  • Czech Group

    The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, with backing from the Soiet Union, gained countrol of Czecholslovakia.
  • Berlin Air Lift begins

    The United States begin to send flights over the wall, dropping supplies to West Germany, who is blockaded in by the Soviets.
  • Soviets reject Marshall Plan

    The Soviet Union refuses to participate in the Marshall plan, calling it "imperialistic".
  • Alger Hiss named a Commie

    Former Communist Whittaker Chambers testifies before the House Un-American Activities Committee, naming Alger Hiss—an important figure in Franklin Roosevelt's State Department—as a Communist agent.
  • Truman Re-elected

    Truman is elected for his second term.
  • Soviet atomic bomb

    The Soviet Union have their first successful atomic bomb testing, which scares the Unites States.
  • Mao Successful in China

    Chairman Mao wins after the Chinese Civil War, creating the Communist People's Republic of China.
  • McCarthy's dramatic speech

    Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy gives a speech in Wheeling, Virginia, dramatically claiming, "I have in my hand a list of 205 cases of individuals who appear to be either card-carrying members or certainly loyal to the Communist Party" within the United States State Department.
  • Red Channels release

    The release of a pamphlet of "Red Channels" to the public, named 151 people in the entertainment industry classified as communist or red-fascist sympathisers and listed all "communist influence in radio and television". This became known as the Hollywood Blacklist and all on it were put out of work and not to be re-employed.
  • North Korea invades South Korea

    Communist North Korea attacks the south.This begins the Korean War.
  • McCarren Internal Security Act

    The Internal Security Act was the first piece of legislation passed that could really defy the US Constitution and ban the right to assembly and the freedom of belief. It required all organisations and anyone trained in espionage to register with the Jutice Department, legalised the deportation of communists and allowed for the detention of suspected spies and "subversives" . The Act was upheld in 1951 by the Supreme Court when it was challenged in the Dennis (Communist leader) vs. US case.
  • Rosenburgs

    Julius and Ethel Roenburg are convicted of passing nucular secrets to the Soviet Union.
  • Stalin Dies

    Soviet Communist leader Josef Stalin dies of a stroke.
  • Joseph McCarthy dies

    The Communist Party leader drinks himself to death. Suffereing from alchoholism, he goes to the hospital, where he dies there from his drinking.