red river resistence

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  • Canada purchases Rupert's land

    Canada purchases Rupert's land
    Canada purchases Rupert's land from Hudson's bay company for 1.5M. The people weren't notified of this purchase and didn't have any say in it, left with many questions about their way of life if Canada got control over their land.
  • Hudson's bay withdrew it's government

    Hudson's bay withdrew it's government
    Hudson's bay company withdrew its laws in January. However, Canda establishes it's government on December. They had 12 months of no governments
  • surveyors begins to examining the land

    surveyors begins to examining the land
    Canadian surveyors were driving steaks into the ground. However, Metis thought the land was theirs and were worried about the surveyors in their territory. They heard many rumours of the awful things that Canada was going to do to them.
    Louis Riel who was metis and spoke English, as well as French, told the surveyors to leave.
  • standoff of surveyors and metis

    standoff of surveyors and metis
    Canada doesn't have control over Rupert's land until dec. However, Canada sent surveyors into the land to prepare it for settlement. The metis was alarmed and Louis Riel and 17 others drove them out of their land. If metis was going to be apart of the new country, they wanted to be protected.
  • william mc dougall appointed Liet govenor

    Williaml was appointed to control the new Rupert's land that the canadiens bought. he reads this proclamation to no one in rupert's land. but was blocked out of fort garry
  • metis's own provisional(temporary)government

    metis's own provisional(temporary)government
    They wanted to protect their lands from a foreign country.
    So, they took over fort Garry at nov 2nd and set up their own government.
    Canda thought this as a rebellion.
    metis just wanted a voice in their government. So they sent a bill of right to Canda
  • bill of rights

    bill of rights enter Canada as a province, not a territory.
    2. to elect and send 4 mp to Ottawa
    3.contol their local affairs
    4. to use English and french equally keep their traditions
    6. The ability of the first nations to negotiate treaties with the government.
  • Thomas scott execution

    Thomas scott execution
    a group of settlers from Ontario called the Canada party opposed the new government and had no respect for the metis. When the party took up arms against the metis, they were put in jail. Thomas Scott was one of them, he threatened to kill Riel and insulted the metis until his guards lost patience with him and executed him.
  • effects of Scott's execution

    effects of Scott's execution
    the execution cause an uproar. The people in Ontario were outrageous. The media called for revenge. They blamed riel for this and had an award for his arrest.
    the roman catholic sided with Riel, that he has done the right thing.
  • manitoba act

    manitoba act
    After many debates after the execution of riel Macdonald ended the crisis at Red River with the Manitoba act.
    This act was a victory for the metis because as a province, they have much more say in the government.
    Many settlers came to Manitoba, however, the metis slowly became dissatisfied with the act. Some metis didn't get the land they were promised, others sold their scrip and moved to Saskatchewan to join the other metis, following their way of life.
  • Riel flees

    Riel flees
    Riel was content with the act, and gave the control to Ottwaa.
    Macdonald sent 1200 troops to red river, saying to protect them from the americans. As they neared Winnipeg, Riel fled to the U.S, becasue he thought they came for him for revenge of Scott. Some of the troops did come for revenge and killed many metis.
    This was a sad start for the new province of Canada
  • Period: to

    metis resistence

    This is the time when The metis resistance happened.
    starting in June 1869 to July 1870