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Red Circles History

  • Tom Waters' Death

    Tom Waters' Death
    Emma Waters lost her husband, Tom, in a car accident after a drunk truck driver forced Tom to sweve off the road and into a tree. EPISODE 6: (refrence)
  • Officer Alvin Murder

    Officer Alvin Murder
    Officer Alvin, the responding officer to Emma Waters, was found shot a few miles away from the Waters' crime scene. Her death was ruled a suicide. (We later find out that Detective Kelsey Harolds shot her because she was blackmailing her and J. Arlington. Alvin found out they were sleeping together.) EPISODE 8:
  • Bobby Waters' Death

    Bobby Waters' Death
    Detective J. Arlington and Kelsey Harolds arrived at a house in which a woman, Emma Waters, was found in her shower covered in her son's blood. The detectives later found her son, Bobby Waters, dead in the shed. (Later, Detective Arlington discovers that Hunter Jackson killed Bobby after he saw him kill his mother, Roberta.) EPISODE 2: AND EPISODE 6:
  • Emma Waters' Suicide

    Emma Waters' Suicide
    Emma Waters committed suicide after nobody beleived her when she said she didn't kill her son, Bobby, and was about to be convicted of murder. EPISODE 9:
  • Sarah's Phone Calls

    Sarah's Phone Calls
    Sarah Waters, Emma's sister, told Detective Roberts that very strange phone calls began to call her. They would scream her name and tell her that something was happening again? Sarah disconnected her phones to make it stop. EPISODE 5:
  • Arlington Makes Detective

    Arlington Makes Detective
    Sophie Arlington makes detective joining the New York City Police Department.
  • J. Arlington Suicide

    J. Arlington Suicide
    Sophie Arlington's father, J. Arlington (the detective on the Emma Waters' case), committed suicide. Sophie found his body after coming home for a visit. EPISODE 2:
  • Arlington Joins Newport Police

    Arlington Joins Newport Police
    Detective Sophie Arlington is transferred to the Newport Police Department after working as a detective in New York City since 2003. EPISODE 3:
  • O'Brian Family Moves In

    O'Brian Family Moves In
    The O'Brian family moves into the Waters' house. EPISODE 5:
  • O'Brian Parent's Death

    O'Brian Parent's Death
    Meredith and Paul O'Brian, parents to Mathew and Catherine, die in a car accident on their way to a party. Their car was hit by a truck head on. EPISODE 1: AND EPISODE 7:
  • Mathew O'Brian Murder

    Mathew O'Brian Murder
    Detective Arlington and Detective Jane Roberts respond to an officer’s distress radio call after he found a woman, Catherine O’Brian, covered in someone else's blood in her shower. The detectives later find Catherine's brother, Mathew, dead in their shed. EPISODE 1:
  • Officer Ron Death

    Officer Ron Death
    Officer Ron was found shot in the head in the same area Officer Alvin was found in the 90s. At first his death was ruled a suicide, but later it was discovered the Burt Kane shot Ron because Ron was blackmailing him to make him detective. Ron had found out that Kane and Arlington were sleeping together. EPISODE 1: AND EPISODE 10: