Red Auerbach

By kurhum1
  • Date of birth

    Red was a Russian Jewish immigrant that lived during the Great depression as a child and played basketball.
  • Period: to

    Red Auerbach

  • Technical

    In his early years Red played a lot of basketball and actually earned a college scholarship for bsketball. He graduated with a degree Master of Arts and started coaching high school teams. He then went to the navy for three years and coached the navy team there. Mike Uline, millionaire and owner of recently made BAA (Basketball Association of America) and was offered to coach the team the Washington Capitols. This shows he has a lot of experience with basketball and specifically coaching it.
  • Controlling

    Despite the opinion of his advisers and the demand by all Celtics fans, Red refused to draft one of the greatest point guards in history, Bob Cousy. He stated that Cousy was too flashy and not a team player which was what they really needed.
  • Conceptual

    He introduced a revolutionary gameplan specifically designed to take out the threat of the Minneapolis Lakers by exerting all energy playing defense and utilizing the fast-break. This was where they would make the other team miss a shot, they would then get the rebound where a person on their team would then go across the court for an open shot.
  • Monitor

    He analyzed the competition and planned his team's gamestyle accordingly which led them to beat their rivals almost every time.
  • Leader

    As a coach, every game he coached and led his team by telling them what they should do.
  • Entrepeneur

    He made many projects for improvement by moving, dropping, and adding players. He also created new ideas in 1964 by making the first starting five African-American basketball squad.
  • Human Relations

    Often times Red would celebrate with his team after a victory or join them wherever they went. Not only was he a widely accepted member of the group but most of the team wouldn't do anything extracirricular without him. This was reffering to his Celtics team from 1960 to 1965 consisting of hall of famers like Bill Russell, Sam Jones, K. C. Jones, John Havilcek and many others.
  • Staffing

    In 1967 Red decided to retire as a coach and appoint Bill Russell as the player-coach of the Boston Celtics. He was the first ever African-American coach of an NBA team. Also, in 1983, Red appointed former player K.C Jones as head coach of the Celtics.
  • Planning

    One example of planning from Red was drafting Larry Bird a year before he would enter the NBA. He was drafted in 1978 but he was only a junior and played one more year of collegiate basketball before entering the NBA in 1979.
  • Disturbance Handeler

    The Celtic's slump in the late 1970s could not be avoided after their best scorer, John Havlicek retired. In this time of crisis Red took corrective action by drafting Larry Bird and making the team whole again.
  • Organizing

    In 1980 Red traded two #1 draft picks for a #3 draft pick and center Robert Parish. The #1 pick he got rid off was for Joe Barry Carroll who accomplished little and he used his #3 draft pick to get Kevin Mchale. These two hall of fame pplayers combined with Larry Bird were unstoppable and won two NBA championships.
  • Negotiator

    Red reasoned with the Golden State Warriors to trade him a future hall of famer, Robert Parish, and a #3 draft pick for two #1 draft picks. The two #1 draft picks became Joe Barry Carrol and Rickey Brown who both had unremarkable careers. Red used the #3 pick to get another future hall of famer, Kevin Mchale, and now had three of the greatest players in the league including Larry Bird.
  • Leading

    Red led the Celtics to 16 championships throughout his career and emphasized that his players think of the game of basketball as a coach would think, not a player. Also, four of his former players went on to become coaches who won 7 more championships combined.
  • Figurehead

    He became a figurehead through his many appearences to address the Boston fans about what he did and why and from the Red Auerbach Award that is handed out to the most exceptional Celtic each year.
  • Death

    Red Auerbach died on October 28 2006.