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In Music
  • Phonograph

    The Phonograph is used to record sound and play it back. Was invented by Thomas Edison in America.
  • Gramophone

    The sounds were stored on a flat disc. Gramophone record, also called vinyl or phonograph record, a disc shaped analogue sound recording medium. Was invented by Emile Berliner in Washington.
  • Tape recorder

    Tape recorder
    Records sound in the form of a magnetic pattern on a long piece of tape. Was invented by Alexander in Germany.
  • Cassette tapes

    Cassette tapes
    Smaller tapes meant that smaller tape recorders were made. Was invented by Fritz Pfleumer in Germany
  • Walkmans

    Could not record sound but they were an instant success. Was invented by engineers in Japan.
  • Compact discs

    Compact discs
    The sound is recorded digitaly and is a serie of numbers. Was invented by the electronics companies in Philips
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    Peoples listen to music on their computers or download music from the internet onto their mobile phones. Was invented by Eric Tigerstedt in Finland.