recorded sound history

Timeline created by aaron gutierrez
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  • Period:
    3,000 BCE
    6,000 BCE


    was firts recorded by written notation
  • Period: to


    the first device that could record actual sounds
  • Period: to

    phonograph or gramophone

    it was first to able to reproduce the recorded sound
    this cylinder evolved to the Disc phonograph
    in the 1930,vinyl was introduced, and disc replaced cylinders
    First commercial use: a toy: edison talking dolls188
  • Period: to

    electrical recording:the microphone

    the most important event in the history of sound recording was the introduction of the microphone
  • Period: to

    other recording formats

    the audio signal was graphically recorded on photographic film
  • Period: to

    C-D compact dise

    originally dveloped to sotre and play only sound recordings
  • Period: to


    is an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data compression