Reba McEntire

  • Birthdate

    This was the day that the famous Reba McEntire was born. She was named after her maternal grandmother, Reba Brassfield.
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  • First Contract

    First Contract
    Reba McEntire signed her first contract with Mercury Records in 1975. The date is uncorrect and unknown. But the year was 1975. She was only 20 years old.
  • Titanic

    Ajmes Cameron's "Titantic, 1977, she was offered the part of the "Unsinkable Molly Brown." and accepted but her schedule didn't have time for it in the end.
  • Second Contract

    Second Contract
    After breaking off her first contract with Mecury, she secretly signed with MCA Records and on Oct. 1, 1983 the contract took effect.
  • Grand Ole Opry

    Grand Ole Opry
    I think every country music person joins this but this was the day she joined the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Up on the Charts

    Up on the Charts
    September through October in 1986, Reba McEntire featured chart topping singles including "One Promise Too Late." On Oct. 13, 1986.
  • First Grammy

    First Grammy
    On this date, Reba won her first Grammy award for Country Female Vocal for "Whoevers in New England.
  • Divorce

    On June 25, 1987, she divorced her husband of 11 years, Charlie Battles. After the divorce was final, Charlie was awarded there ranch in Oklahoma and Reba moved to Nashville.
  • Married Again

    Married Again
    In June she married her now husband, Narvel BLackstock, her manager, who had been a steel guitar player in her band since 1980.
  • Her son

    Her son
    On Febuary 23rd, 1990, she gave birth to her son, Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock. She claims this is the most memorable moment of her life.
  • Reba

    Throughtout the 1990's Reba had started her own show actually called Reba, it starred her as a divorced mother trying to raise a teenage daughter and a younger son. This show still airs today on CMT. The show ran for six seasons and earned her a Golden Globe award for her perfomances. the show became more extensive in 2001.
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    On this tragic day, Reba McEntire's six band memebers died in a plane crash in San Diego, California, Reba was not on the plane because she wanted to stay one more night where she was or today, there would be no Reba. She dedicated her next album, "For My Broken Heart" to them that came out the following October.
  • Cancer

    At some point in 1933 Reba had a patch of skin cancer removed from her forehead.
  • New Album

    New Album
    After her show Reba have ending in Febuary, she released a new album, Reba's Duets featuring Kelly Clarkson, Kenney Chesney, Justin Timberlake, Faith Hill, Ronnie Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Trisha Yearwood, and many more. This album became Reba's first ever album to enter the pop charts at number one.
  • 50 Greatest Hits

    50 Greatest Hits
    She released this album right before her contract with MCA expired and she then signed with Valory Music.
  • First Album

    First Album
    Valory released her first album with them called, "Keep On Loving You."
  • Lastest Album

    Lastest Album
    The Lastest album Reba released was "All the Woman I Am." in November of 2010. one song, "Turn On the Radio", peaked number one in January of the following year.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    in March of 2011 she was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Anniversery

    In 2012, Reba and her husband, Narvel celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversery.
  • Malibu Country

    Malibu Country
    This was the first day the show aired. This is based on a wife who gets her husband caught cheating.
  • Stepson

    On Dec. 14, 2012, Reba McEntire's friend, Kelly Clarkson became engaged to her stepson, Brandon Blackstock.