REAL The Battle of Gettysburg

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  • Congress Passes The Missouri Compromise

    This is important because the compromise prohibits slavery in most Western territories.
  • Period: to

    Key events leading up to The Battle of Gettysburg

  • Republican Party Founded (by antislavery northerners)

  • Congress Passes The Kansas Nebraska Act

    The Kansas Nebraska Act repeals the Missouri Compromise.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    The Supreme Court rules that congress cannot prohibit slavery in the terriroties.
  • 11 Southern States Secede

    It is as a result of Lincoln's election.
  • Confeds. Attack Fort Sumtner

    (Civil War Begins)
  • Lee and Longstreet hear that The Army of the Potomac is Heading to PA

  • 2 Brigades of Buford's Union Cavalry Enter Gettysburg