RBU Timeline Dagney #8

  • Problem: The Civil War

    The Civil War is effecting Grand Tower and all of the people in it, especially the Pruitt family.
  • Cass Sees Dead People

    Cass has a special gift where she can see dead people, which causes her to be mopy and depressed all of the time. One day she saw a bunch of dead boys in a river, assuming they were soldiers from the Civil War.
  • Noah Pretends to be a Soldier

    Noah and his friends often pretended to be soldiers and act like they were in the war. This always concerned Mama because she didn't want him to go to war.
  • A Steamboat Comes to Grand Tower

    During one of their town parties, a steamboat comes to Grand Tower revealing two young women-Delphine and Calinda. These girls are very mysterious.
  • The Girl Stay at the Pruitt's House

    Mama offers Delphine and Calinda to stay at her house during their visit. This excites Noah but upsets Tilly.
  • The Letter from Curry

    Curry, who had been Tilly's crush, sends her a letter. It says that he had gone down to the South to fight for them i the Civil War. This concernes Tilly that maybe Noah will go to war soon.
  • Delphine and Tilly Walk Around Town

    Tilly and Delphine often walked around Grand Tower, and browsed almost everyday. The men took interest into Delphine, which upset the women of Grand Tower.
  • Cass and Calinda Become Friends

    Tilly notices that Cass is starting to improve in her behavior. She is becoming good friends with Calinda, since they both have odd gifts. Calinda can read tarot card while Cass can see dead people.
  • Oil Lamps

    Delphine buys the expensive oil lamps from the store and starts lighting them around the Pruitt house. This causes suspicion throughout the town.
  • Women Talk to Mama

    Some of the women in Grand Tower come up to talk to Mama. They tell her they think Calinda and Delphine are spies for the South. Mama gets offended by this and orders the women to get out of her house.
  • Showboat Coming to Grand Tower

    There is a showboat coming to Grand Tower and Delphine wants to go with the whole Pruitt family. They all decide they will go with her.
  • People Dance Together

    Noah asks Delphine to dance, and that is the moment where Tilly realizes they like each other. She ends up dancing with Dr. Hutchings, who she starts to have a crush on.
  • Calinda is a Famous Dancer

    Calinda turns out to be a famous dancer from New Orleans. Her real name is CoinCoin, but people call her Calinda because that is the name of the dance she is known for. She dances all night while everyone cheers her on.
  • Climax: Noah Goes to War

    Noah ends up going to war to fight for the South. Mama is very depressed and sends him letters everyday. He usually doesn't respond to them.
  • Mama Tells Tilly to Go Find Noah

    Mama yells at Tilly, telling her she would rather have Noah than her. She forces Tilly to go find Noah and to never come back unless she has him.
  • Tilly and Delphine Go Find Noah

    Tilly and Delphine travel to Camp Defiance, where they find Noah. He is eremely ill along with the other soldiers, so Tilly and Delphine decide to heal them all.
  • Mama Dies

    When coming home with Noah, Tilly and Delphine see a casket and thinks its Mama. It turns out to be Tilly's father, who had been fighting for the South. Mama thought Noah was in the casket, so she ran into the river, killing herself.
  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    General Beauregard demanded Anderson to surrender in Charleston, South Carolina. Anderson refused, which caused the Confederates to open fire. Anderson eventually surrendered and evacuating Fort Sumter the next day.
  • Resolution: Marriage

    Tilly ends up getting married to Dr. William Hutchings. Delphine and Noah have a baby but don't get married because it is against her culture to get married to a white man. They pretend to get married and name their baby William Hutchings.
  • The Battle of Bull Run

    The Battle of Bull Run
    This battle began when the Union came from Washington to the Confederates. The battle was drawn up behind Bull Run. The Union crossed Sudley Ford and attacked the Confederates. Each side had detailed plans to attack each others left side, but the plans were too thought out and didn't work. The fighting went on for a few days until the Union army reached Washington safely.
  • Lincoln's Inaugaration

    Lincoln was elected president during a very difficult and depressing time. Th Civil War was just taking place. His speech was focused on ending the war and gaining stability back into the country.
  • Battle of Belmont

    The Union found out that the Confederates had crossed the Mississippi River, so they planned to attack. The Union landed on the Missouri shore and started marching to Belmont to fight the Confederates. They ended up routing the Confederates out of Belmont and destroyed their supplies. The Confederates gathered their stuff back up and ended up causing the Union to retreat.