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Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi

  • Manikarnika's birth

    Manikarnika's birth
    Rani Lakshmi was born on November 19, 1828 at present-day Varansi. Her given name was Manikarnika and records hold no accounts of her having any siblings or her being an only child. She was born to Bhagirathi and Moropant Tambey.
  • Manikarnika's mother dies

    Manikarnika's mother dies
    Manikarnika's mother, Bhagirathi, died when Manikarnika was four years old. Thus the responsibility of caring for her fell to her father's shoulders. He worked in the court of a king so he was able to ensure that Manikarnika got a proper education and learned any necessary skills. Exact date unknown
  • Marriage

    Manikarnika and her father, Moropant, moved to Jhansi as Moropant had secured a position in the court of Maharaj Gangadhar Rao. Manikarnika married the maharaj the next year, at age 14. She then changed her name to Lakshmi and became the rani of Jhansi. Exact date unknown
  • Children

    Rani Lakshmibai gave birth to a son but he died four months afterwards. She then adopted her brother-in-law's son, Damodar Rao, and legally made him the heir. The British refused to recognize him as he wasn't a blood heir, so the rani petitioned for them to legally allow it. Exact date unknown
  • Husband

    Maharaj Gangadhar Rao died. His cause of death is unknown but it is said that he died of a broken heart. He had not fully recovered from the shock of his son dying. Soon after, the British realized that Rani Lakshmi was the only ruler of Jhansi and believed that they could get her to surrender her kingdom. Exact date unknown
  • Invasion

    The British declared that Rani Lakshmibai was to give up Jhansi. The British chose Jhansi because Rani was the only ruler and she had no blood heir. The British declared that Damodar Rao was not a legal heir to Jhansi and stated that if she surrendered Jhansi, took her son, and left they would not attack. Rani Lakshmibai refused and prepared to fight with her relatively small army. Exact date unknown
  • First Attack

    First Attack
    The British marched on Jhansi and attacked the forts. Lakshmibai fought with her army and held them off, but she was soon overpowered and had to retreat. She went to Fort Gwalior where she regrouped with her allies nad they prepared for the British to attack again.
  • Attacking the British

    Attacking the British
    The British soon marched to Gwalior and the rani and her allies went out to meet them. They had a gruesome battle which ended soon after June 18. Exact date unknown
  • Rani Lakshmibai's death

    Rani Lakshmibai's death
    The rani was cornered by the British during battle at Gwalior and as she refused to die by the British' hand, she jumped from a building. The fall was far but her body was never found. As a result of that, many believe that the rani survived and escaped. There are also accounts on which the rani died the previous day and there are many different theories on how she died.
  • First Regiment

    First Regiment
    The Rani of Jhansi Regiment was created in the Indian army. It was named in Lakshmibai's honor and it's aim was to overthrow the British government that had ruled over India for many years. Exact date unknown