• First Railway Track in NSW

    The Sydney Railway Company started bulding the first railway track in NSW
  • First Railway Line in Australia

    Was Flinders Street Station
  • First Steam Train in SA

    This system ran from Adelaide to Port Adelaide
  • First Railway in Tasmania

    This railway ran between Launceston and Deloraine
  • First Railway in WA

    A private timber railway from Lockville to Yoganup, south of Perth.
  • First Railway in Queensland

    The railway ran from Ipswich to Grandchester using 1067 millimeter gauge. This system was later extened to both the Darling Downs and Brisbane.
  • First Governent Owned Railway

    The system ran between Geraldton and Northahampton.
  • First Railway in ACT

    This railway ran from Queanbeyan to Canberra