• Duck and Cover

    Duck and Cover
    Duck and CoverIt was an public awareness video warning a nuclear war could happen at any time. It was another way to educate the children of what was going on.
  • Marval Comics

    Marval Comics
    Shows the juvinile delinquency at the time.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle

    Rocky and Bullwinkle
    Rocky and BullwinkleIn some of the episodes it is potrayed that russian spies are stealing Ameriacan secrets.
  • One Two Three

    One Two Three
    A movie about a father not wanting his daughter to marry a communist. It shows the views of communist after the war.
  • Bob Dylan 'Masters Of War"

    Bob Dylan 'Masters Of War"
    Masters Of WarThis song is anit-war. It states to hide when you are wrong. Also it states the government doen't do much
  • The Bedford Incident

    The Bedford Incident
    It states thepolitics of the cold war.
  • The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
    It shows the Brittish spy to East Germany. Also it shows the struggle of dehumanization.
  • The Beatles "Back To The USSR"

    The Beatles "Back To The USSR"
    Back In The USSRThis song show how good people had it in the United States
  • Sacco and Vanzetti

    Sacco and Vanzetti
    sacco and vanzettiIt is based upon communistic views and opinions. Peoples misjudgment and racism.
  • The A Team (show)

    The A Team (show)
    Produced for the war fanatics. Shows the excitement of war.
  • Nena "99 Red Ballons'

    Nena "99 Red Ballons'
    99 Red BalloonsAbout "balloons" being releaed and apanic that stars.
  • Elton John "Nikita"

    Elton John "Nikita"
    NikitaDescribes the berlin wall that keeps two lovers apart.
  • The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant
    Iron GiantA movie about a nine year old that dreams of alien invasions and doing battles with communist agents. A government agent finds a invador and wants to wipe out any potential threat.
  • Thirteen Days

    Thirteen Days
    It exlpore the cuban missle crisis. Also the thirteen days in 1962. There are actual recording showing the Presidents position that he was in.
  • Bird CalL "Berlin"

    Bird CalL "Berlin"
    BerlinThis song reffers to the long tedious moths during the war. Also all the uphill battles people had to face.For example leaving Berlin.