Queen Victorias 10 Greatest Accomplishments

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  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    On May 24, 1819 Queen Victoria was born in London , England. She was an only child to Prince Edward and Princess Mary Louisa of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. This is significant because Victoria soon brought lots of power to Britain. (Phillips 210)
  • Victoria Accepted the Throne

    Victoria Accepted the Throne
    On June 28 , 1838 at the age of 18 Victoria accepeted the throne. Her father died a few months after her 18th birthday so she had to take over the throne.She then vanished her cruel mother to a room as far away from hers as possible.This is significant because she became a symbol of great power for Britain(Cowley 134).
  • Survived Assasinations

    Survived Assasinations
    During the year of 1840 many people tried to assinate the queen.But she survived all of them with the help of her guard. This is significant because if she died England would have lost alot of power.(Phillips 210)
  • Married Prince Albert

    Married Prince Albert
    On February 10, 1840 Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Togehter they had 2 kids. This is significant because Prince Albert helped open the Great Exhibition.(Phillips 210)
  • The Great Exhibiton

    The Great Exhibiton
    Queen Victoria and Prince Albert opened the Great Exhibition on May 1, 1851. The exhibition was like a fair , it had vendors and all. This is significant becuase it encouraged international trade of different technologies(Cowley 136)
  • Prince Albert Dies

    Prince Albert Dies
    On December 14,1861 Prince Albert died. Queen Victoria was absolutly devistated.This is significant because Prince Albert was an important part of Victorias and the Monarchys life , he helped Victoria rule (Phillips 210).
  • Empress of India

    Empress of India
    On January 1, 1877 Queen Victoria became Empress of India. She gave herself the name Victoria Regina et Imperatrix.This is significant because it gave England more power.(Phillips 210)
  • First Easter Egg Roll

    First Easter Egg Roll
    On April 2, 1877 was the first Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn.The event was for eater and the children would roll hardboiled down the hill.This is significant because it is now an annual event (http://clinton2.nara.gov).
  • Railroad Builders Strike

    Railroad Builders Strike
    The Great Depression cause the railroad strike that happend in the 1870s. I hurt Pittsburg the most because of the large loss of life and property damage.This is significant because it started and era of peace between workers and owners (http://www.u-s-history.com).
  • 1st Human Cannonbal

    1st Human Cannonbal
    On April 10, 1877 the task of being the first human cannonball was completed.A 14-year-old girl named zazel performed the task. This was significant because it is still an amazing performance to watch today at circuses around the world (http://www.physicscentral.com/)
  • First Westminister Dog Show

    First Westminister Dog Show
    On May 8, 1877 the first Westminister Dog Show was held. This is a two-day event. It is held at the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York CIty. This is significant because it is now a traditon in the states. (http://en.wikipedia.org)
  • 3rd Kentucky Derby

    3rd Kentucky Derby
    On May 22 , 1877 the 3rd Kentucky Derby happened. It was won by Baden-Baden , second place was Leonard and thrid was King William. This event is held annually at Churchill Downs every year (http://en.wikipedia.org).
  • First Wimbledon Tennis Champ.

    First Wimbledon Tennis Champ.
    The first ever Wimbledon Tennis Championship is held on
    July 9, 1877. This took place in Wimbledon, London, Uk. This is significant because it is the home of modern tennis.(http://www.tennistheme.com)
  • Diamond Jubilee

    Diamond Jubilee
    On June 20,1897 Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. She celebrates this in honor of her 60 years of reign.This is signficant becuase it shows how dedicated Victoria was to her job as queen,(Phillips 210)
  • Golden Jubilee

    Golden Jubilee
    On June 20, 1887 the queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee. Which mean she has served 50 years as a queen. This is significant because it shows her dedication to her job.(Phillips 210)
  • Queen Victorias Death

    Queen Victorias Death
    On January 22, 1901 Queen Victoria died. She had reigned for 62.5 years. This is significant because she was very important symbol of power to England. (Phillips 210)
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