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Queen Latifah by Claudia

By mrst
  • 3/18/70 Queen Latifah was born.

    In march of 1970 Queen Latifah was born inNew Wark , New Jersey. Her real name was Dana Owens.
  • Gets her nickname.

    Gets her nickname.
    When Dana Became 8 her Muslim cousin gave her the nickname Latifah which means in the Arabic languagee "delacate" or "sensitive".
  • High School

    In high school Latifah stared in school productions of "The Wiz".
    She also began rapping in a group called Ladies Fresh. Latifah served as a human beatbox in her group.
  • College

    In college Latifah got the name Queen Latifah. She partnered up with Afrika Bambaataa's Native Tongues Collective who saw to bring a more positive, Afrocentic consciousness to hip-hop.
  • First Sigle

    First Sigle
    Queen Latifah recorded her first single,"Wrath My Madness" in 1988.
  • Co-Star

    Queen Latifah agreed to co-star in a fox television series "Living Single".
  • Her Own Show

    Her Own Show
    Queen Latifah started her own talk show which stopped in 2001.