Queen Elizabeth

  • Jan 15, 1559

    Elizabeth I was crowned Queen by Owen Oglethorpe

    Elizabeth becoming crowned was important because she was a new leader to the people and she had a big celebration for it because she knew the importance of a good show, especially for a new monarch who needed to re-affirm her right to her crown.
  • Sep 20, 1561

    Treaty signed at Hampton Court.

    This was important because queen Elizabeth pledges support of the French Huguenots
  • Mar 6, 1562

    Queen Elizabeth almost dies of Smallpox

    I think this is important because it was a challenge she had to overcome and could've effected her life greatly.
  • Mar 6, 1563

    The Thirty-nine Articles.

    This is important because Queen Elizabeth made complete establishment of the Anglican Church which I think is a big deal to make a new church.
  • Mar 6, 1570

    The excommunication of Elizabeth I by the Catholic Church

    I think this is important because being shunned by the catholic church was a big thing that happened in her life and showed they didn't support her.
  • Nov 14, 1575

    Queen Elizabeth declines to accept the sovereignty of the Netherlands

    I think this was important because Elizabeth was using her power to not be over ruled by the sovereignty of the Netherlands.
  • Queen Elizabeth issues a declaration taking the Netherlands under her protection.

    This is important because she's helping others then her own country.
  • mary was executed

    This was important to Elizabeth because she found Mary as a threat so instead of protecting Mary she signed her death warrant
  • Speech to the troops of Tilbury

    She tries to give inspiration to the troops and tell them that she's there for them and honors them and she won't let anything happen to Europe. I think this is important because she's talking to the people and showing that she cares.
  • Queen Elizabeth dies of of blood poisoning

    This is important because it was the cause of her death and ended her rule over England.