Putting Women's Modern History in Political Perspective

  • First Women's Suffrage Society in Australia

    Formed in Victoria by Henrietta Dugdale and Annie Lowe, this was the first women's suffrage society created in Australia. Its goal was to achieve the same voting/political rights that men had at this time.
  • Women gain the vote in South Australia

    Women were given the same right as men in terms of voting. Women in property could also vote in Legislative Council elections but it wasn't until 1959 that women could stand for the upper House of parliament.
  • Women gain the vote in Western Australia

    Under much the same circumstances surrounding that of South Australia.
  • Australian Consitution assented to by Queen Victoria

  • Women gain the vote in NSW

  • Women's Federation formed

  • Tasmanian women gain the vote

    Women with property were able to vote for the Legistrative Council and in 1922, women had equal standing in both houses.
  • Victorian women gain the vote

    Equal standing for State elections and gained equal right for both houses in 1924.
  • Australian Federation of Women Voters forms.

    Founded by Bessie Rischbieth, it was a national group that liasised with international feminsit organisations and became lobbyists and advisers at the League of Nations. It was an immediate success.
  • First woman speaker in NSW parliament

    Named Millicent Preston-Stanley, she delivered her speech two weeks after parliament opened.
  • First women elected in Federal parliament

    Dame Enid Lyons became a member of the House of Representatives.