PTScraft History

  • Original World Created

    First world on localhost created
  • Period: to

    Server History Span

  • Period: to

    Original World

    The first survival multiplayer world for PTScraft. No real towns or anything, just a mansion built on top of a hill. There were a few adjacent buildings next to the mansion, such as AD's apartments.
  • Original World Dies

    PTScraft's First World with AD's apartments and the HQ dies in a mass chunk error..
  • ACLand Created

    PTScraft's Second world, ACLand, created.
  • Period: to

    ACLand Lifespan

    The world started with one town called Sandy Shores, but was blown up by the infamous user called 9.. After that town was destroyed, a new town was created, Cocksville, with many homes and Gen's Penis.
  • ACland Dies

    2nd World dies to ANOTHER chunk error...
  • Glacier Created

    3rd World, Glacier created..
  • Period: to

    Glacier Life Span

    This town had 2 main areas, the first area was a little town with a few buildings and Sniper's Giant floating island. Eventually a new town, FunVille was created far from the original. On June 4th, the battle of FunVille ensued which was the beginning of the end for this server.
  • Glacier Dies

    Chunk related error, again..
  • Town Square World created

    Localkillcreative is alive!
  • Period: to

    Town Square World

    Pretty Sccessful Server, with a huge rail line and multiple towns. Lag problem lead to its demise..
  • Town Square World Dies

    Lag/Chunk related Issue
  • Period: to

    CliffLake Lifespan

    Not a lot of people got on in this period. CliffLake was created to be a coastal town, but construction was stagnant due to the lack of interest.
  • Dedicated Server Service via Sniper terminated

    Sniper decided that he didn't want to be a part of the server anymore. Had to try and get a new host for the server, so the server was down for a month.
  • Period: to

    Something Cool World

    A world based on multiple cities via towny, with a capital city that was a npc village which was renovated.. Had a pretty good run in the winter of 2011-2012, but stopped working after a user who will not be named here set off a lot of tnt.
  • Daddycheese Hosting chosen as new Dedicated Host

  • Something Cool Dies

    Mass TNT Explosion