Progressive Era

  • 1st Womens right convention in NY

    Held in Seneca NY
  • Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton form National Women Suffrage Association

  • Lucy Stone & Henry Blackwell form American Women Suffrage Association

  • National Women Suffrage Association & American Women Suffrage Association combine to form the NAWSA

  • National Association of Colored Women is formed

    Brought together more than 100 African American women's clubs.
  • National Women's Trade Union League is established

    Established to advocate for imporved wages and working conditions for women
  • Alice Paul & Lucy Burns form the Congressional Union

    work toward the passage of a federal amendment to women the right to vote
  • Margaret Sanger opened the first U.S birth control clinic

    Brooklyn, NY. Sanger was arrested and the clinic was shut down 10 days later
  • Federal Woman Suffrage amendment was passed by the House of Representatives & the Senate

  • The Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor is formed

    collected information about women in the workforce and safeguard good working conditions for women