Progressive Era

  • Northern Securities v US

    Northern Securities v US
    The northern securities vs US trail was the prosecution of the northern securities rail road company. The US supreme court prosecuted the great northern and northern pacific railroad companies were creating a monopoly. Roosevelts intentions were to completely dissolve the northern securities completely.
  • The Jungle

    The Jungle
    The jungle written by upton sinclair was published by Double day in 1906. The jungle was a book wriiten to expose the horrible condtions immigrants workers were treated in aswell as the corruption of the meatpacking industry along with its exrtreme lack of sanitation. The jungle was one of the major reasons the FDA was created.
  • Oregon v Muller

    Oregon v Muller
    Oregon vs Muller was a court case involving mainly women's working hours and health benefits. The courts justified the discrimination of restricting womens labor hours. Also the case decided on a special sate interest in protecting womens health.
  • Election of 1912

    Election of 1912
    The election of 1912 was an unusual one. Instead of the main two partys and other non-likely candidates the election of 1912 had four. The bull moose witch was Roosevelt, the socialist witch was Debs, the democratic witch was Wilson and the Republican witch was Taft. Wilson won both the electoral votes and the popular vote.
  • 17th Amendment

    17th Amendment
    The 17th amendment was the direct election of senators. Bassically meant senators were elected by votes vs state legislators choice. This decision was made to have more peoples choice variety in state government instead of the same government party elected to chose the senators.
  • underwood tariff

    underwood tariff
    This was a tariff created during Woodrow Wilsons time in office. The desicion to create the tariff was decided during a speacial meeting of congress where wilson went on to explian how nesscesary the tariffs creation was. The tariff not only lowered basic tariff rates from 50% to 25% but also re-imposed federal income tax.
  • Federal Reserve

    Federal Reserve
    The federal reserve is the central banking system of the united states. The federal reserves creation was largley based upon alot of finacial scares, especcially the scare of 1907. The federal reserves responsibilitys include maintianing employment, keeping intrest rates at a normal rate and keeping proces stable.
  • Federal Trade Commission and Lydias birthday:)

    Federal Trade Commission and Lydias birthday:)
    The federal trade commission is an independent branch of the US. Established in 1914 the federal trade commission was intended to promote consumer protection and prevention of harmful bussiness doings such as certain monopoly's and trusts. This act is known to be one of Roosevelts major acts preventing the creation of trusts.
  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act

    Clayton Anti-Trust Act
    The clayton anti-trust act was passed during the wilson administration. This act made it a felony offense to restrain any type of trade by fine or imprisonment. Aswell as outlawing any anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions, interlocking directorates, and price discrimination.
  • 18th amendment

    18th amendment
    The 18th amendment is also known as prohibition. Prohibition was the law stating that "intoxicating liquids" or alchol was banned. The creation of this law created alot of crime including bootleggers, and speakeasys.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    The 19th amendment made sure that sex discrimination could not be used as a criteria for voting. This movement started with the womens suffrage movement. Some main supporters of this cause who were also highly involved with the ratification of this law were Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton.
  • FDA

    The FDA or food and drug administration is an agency of the united states department of health that is in charge of monitoring the making and distribution (upon other things) of all food, drugs and some cosmetics. The FDA also deals with tobbacco products, and dietary supplements witch are less known to be dealt with by this agency. The FDAs creation was highley inspired by the book "the jungle" witch exposed the horrible contions meat was made in.