Progression of US involvment in WWII timeline

  • Axis Powers Formed

    Axis Powers Formed
    When the Tripartite Pact was signed by German, Japan, and Italy they offically become the Axis Powers. This allience was formed to keep the U.S out of war, if they attacked one country in the Axis they would face its worst military nightmare.
  • Rooselvelt's reelection for third-term

    Rooselvelt's reelection for third-term
    Presidenct Rooselvelt was reelected for his third-term. Wilkie, his opponent, supported Roosevelt's policy of aiding Britain and they both promised to keep the nation out of war. Roosevelt was reelcted by 55 percent. Roosevelt will put the US further involved with the allied powers, instead of the axis powers due to his beliefs.
  • Lendlease Act

    Lendlease Act
    The lendlease act would make it okay for the president to lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the US." Roosevelt thought this plan was not choosing sides or not staying neutral because he thought of it as lending a garden hose to a neighbor whose house was on fire. He thought that this was the only thing to do so our country wouldnt go to war. What he didnt know was that this was helping other countries in war, which is not staying neutral.
  • Hitler broke agreement made in 1939

    Hitler broke agreement made in 1939
    Hitler's agreement not to invade the Soviet Union was broken. Roosevelt began sending lend-lease supplies to the Soviet Union becasue he thought "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Once agian he is picking sides, which isnt staying neutral.
  • The Atlantic Charter

    The Atlantic Charter
    FDR and Winston Chruchill met aboard the USS Augusta to discuss the outcome of the war. They signed together the Atlantic Charter which was a joint declaration of war aims. These aims included freedom of the seas, collective security, disarmament, self-determination, and economic cooperation. The U.S is now choosing to support the allies instead of the axis powers.
  • U.S warships attacked German U-boats.

    U.S warships attacked German U-boats.
    President Roosevelt granted the navy permission to attack the german U-boats. This lead to WWII because our country is once again not staying nuetral by attacking the axis powers.
  • Roosevelt declared war

    Roosevelt declared war
    Japan was planning an attack on the US. The US military had broken Japan's secret codes and declared a "war warning." Roosevelt declared war on june 6th, 1941 when he received a decoded message that instructed Japan's peace envoy to reject all American peace proposals.